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09-20-2010, 10:01 AM
Okay so I'm running the KotS adventure module from around May and this Sunday we were at the end of it but something unexpected happened.

Now you'll be wondering what happened. Some would call a catastrophe but I certainly wouldn't. It actually was my adventuring party's favorite session.
The members are: a Dragonborn Rogue, an Elf Fighter, a Human Fighter an Eladrin Warlock and a something(I don't remember the race) Cleric.
Here's what happened:

They were at the second last encounter with the Orcus Underpriest and the vampire spawns e.t.c.
Everything was going well or not that good, the two fighters were at the rear of team and the warlock ended up advancing to the middle of the room.After being attacked by the Human Bersekers he was reduced to half hit points.And then the Rogue on his turn tried to climb down the hole leading to the next room with the rift but as his athletic skills were not that good he fell and was left with 3 hp.Then the Warlock went to help him and fell at minus 0 hp due to the fall. The rogue started desperately to climb back up, reached the 2/3 of the chains and then fell falling to minus 0 hp.Both of them were thrown into the portal by Kalarel as a sacrifice for the Thing in the Portal.The Elf Fighter then retreated to safety but the other Fighter stayed and so didthe cleric.The Cleric seeing that the odds were not that good left but the Fighter died out of stubborness and was also sacrified to the Thing in the Portal.3/5 PCs dead.
After that a caravan was organized going to Fallcrest, the village of Winterhaven left empty and burnt.In Fallcrest the whole town found refuge.

And that's what happened in a 2 and a half hour session but it was a blast. Before this I was planning to run Thunderspire Labyrinth next but now I'm not sure. If you guys could me any suggestions on how to continue (links to H2 or irrelevant ideas) I'd appreciate it.

09-22-2010, 10:29 PM
You gotta love that the one guy went to help the rogue but fell to his doom. Then, instead of doing anything about that the rogue starts climbing out leaving his would be rescuer behind. Naturally poetic justice prevails and he in turn falls to his doom...reminds me of some of my sessions, haha.

09-23-2010, 10:26 AM
Naturally poetic justice prevails and he in turn falls to his doom...
I had never thought of it like that, lol.

09-23-2010, 10:59 AM
now I've only played this as a player, so I don't know what the link to H2 is as the group unfortunatly disbanded after (we did win however). But I'd either start a new group whos task is to "clean up" after the first, or perhaps make a group connected to the first as family/friends/collegues/etc, to make them "personally" involved in the mission... good luck :)

09-24-2010, 09:45 AM
Here's what I'm most possibly going to do:

First of all the three casualties shall make new characters. After that I'm going to show a world in which undead themed monsters are coming down from the north.An expedition consisting of Fallcrest's army forces shall ride to try to destroy the evil forces but only 2 out of the many knights shall return.After that life will become a lot harder as raids from wandering groups of monsters shall be making travelling quite difficult. The remaining characters(the ones that didn't die I mean) shall take on a mission to escort a caravan of mechants to a nearby town.Accompanying them shall be the new characters that the others have made.On going there they shall be attacked by such a group.That group will be a group sent from the still-living:) Kalarel. And the leader of it will be carrying a message in which the evil deeds that are going to happen in the Seven Pillared Hall and Kalarel's previous actions shall be linked and that will hopefully drive the PCs to H2.After H2 they will finally confront Kalarel .

@tilt Your team won? Congratulations:)

09-24-2010, 01:42 PM
ehem... by winning i mean, we survived... those pesky mercenaries cheated us and ran off with the thingy we were after, but we beat the monsters in the shadowkeep.

09-25-2010, 02:15 AM
That's exactly what I thought:) and it seems that your DM had altered the story a bit so good for him:)

And even though that sounds like sarcasm it is not.

09-25-2010, 02:27 AM
hehe... well, we knew we couldn't trust them, but when combat goes high a lot of stuff happens, and we were in no condition to follow... but I'm guessing it should have ended differently according to the scenario :)

09-25-2010, 02:55 AM
According to the scenario yes but scenarios tend to be boring to follow :)

09-25-2010, 03:22 AM
Hehe, on a side note I recently started a new game in the world I Gamemaster for some friends. We've been playing for years but sometimes it's like once a year. Anyway, we can't always all make it so I made up a Mercenary company they could all make characters for and when we are short players we can use whoever could make it. When everyone can be there we do the main campaign arc with the regular characters. Typically our games are my wife, a couple brothers who I have known since childhood, one of their sons who is a teen, and my sister.

My sister couldn't make it this time.

So here we go with a bunch of new characters...lol...my first mission went pretty well for them until they got to the dilapidated tower. They watched a couple city guards 'who for some reason' were standing guard on a broke down building. Well, one of the guards heard a noise and went inside to investigate and things went nuts. The rest of the guards ran in. Sounds of a battle ensued and the guards ran back into view, mounted up and high tailed it out of there (less one). Undaunted my stalwart players, happy to have the place to themselves, sent a scout in. He is being played by my boldest player who typically leads the charge as a Dwarf warrior in our main game. I think "tank" is hard wired into his brain. Interestingly, this time he's playing a Technologist (basically a high tech wizard in my world). So he saunters in there all bad arse like he can take on anything I'm willing to put in there. The rest follow more carefully. It was hilarious...

They enter the dark oval of the first floor of the tower, the bold Technologist leading.

As his eyes adjust to the darkness he sees a lump in the center of the room. The rest enter one by one and glide different directions along the outer wall keeping an eye out for whatever happened to the first guard and what make the rest flee in terror. Eventually as they get far enough inside the Technologist sees an open trap door in the floor. Meanwhile my wife checks out the lump which turns out to be the dead guard. Playing a rogue she of course loots the body. About this time the Technologist is pretty sure there is something down the hole so he's using his staff to flip the door closed. His brother, playing a hard core Merc, is along the opposite side looking up the broken stairs to see if anything is up there. His son is playing the first character he's built from scratch. (He's got a really high dexterity but pretty weak strength and outfitted like a warrior).

So the Trap door slams shut just about the time the Technologist realizes there is some serious movement going on beneath them, something big and fast. Before he can do anything to bolt the trap door shut it explodes outward and something massive comes roaring up from below. It's ON baby!

The Tech wades in and starts to put the smack down using his staff. He's doing pretty good for a technologist going toe to toe but he is taking damage like nobody's business. His brother the hard core merc says he's going to keep watching up the stairs to make sure nothing else is going to come from that way. (It was all I could do not to laugh out loud at this point, because if the party had anyone who should have been in the thick of it, it was this guy. He's a boy scout though, when we play Star Wars, he's always the Jedi.) Anyway, his son jumps in there and makes an amazing critical hit on his first attack. Probably due to his high dexterity only then he wasn't able to do jack squat in damage because he had pathetic strength. Everyone sort of laughed at that because for the remainder of the fight he learned his lesson. He was all flash in the pan and almost zero effect.

The surprise of the night was next when my wife playing the rogue who is a race sort of like a Kinder decided to use her acrobatics and race up the backside of the monster pulling two daggers and attacking it in the head. She got fantastic roles and it was easily the most heroic move of the night. Meanwhile Techno-boy is down to about 1 hit point and finally his brother the hard core merc decides to wade in. Only problem now is that the thing has gone berserk and needs to take about 4 or 5 times the damage in order to die. Plus, it's just all hacked off at this point.

At least a couple of them got to fly before they hit the walls :)


They weren't used to taking that kind of a beating and it's been so long since we played with entry level characters that I may have over-powered the encounter just a tad. ROFL - at least they know that they better respect my monsters now :-P

09-25-2010, 03:40 AM
hehe:) no comment on the story, just hilarious.
I'm starting to believe that mission fails are most of the times a lot funner than normal won encounters.
So I think that we(or maybe a community leader who is in a good mood ) should change the thread title to "Mission Fails" and whoever out there who has stories like this one should participate.

09-25-2010, 06:17 AM
failure drives the plot .. very basic but it works... you plan, you execute, you fail... and there for there will be another chapter :) ... of course, you gotta have a victory once in a while :)