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09-27-2010, 09:56 AM
After playing around with Cos3 a bit more, I made this map which I've come up with some storyline for just for fun.

"The Black Sector"

Limited data has been collected about The Black Sector since it's original discovery several decades ago. (Year: 2440 A.S.C)

Widely reknown as the largest black market source in the known colonized universe, the initial discovery of The Black Sector was the product of many years prior research. Research which included tracking down those who may have insider information on the sector, those who would be willing to trade their information, and abandoned data sources in areas that could possible contain information on it's whereabouts and what exactly occurs within it. Although rumored for hundreds of years before any real information about it had reached the public eye, The Black Sector has always maintained an extremely low profile (even to this day).

However, once the larger intergalactic mega-corporations had caught wind of it's existence through many high-class Business UniNet channels, their interest in gaining any information about the sector shot through the roof. A 'supposed' unknown sector in or atleast nearby colonized space that could be harboring many businesses that are potentially cutting out a portion of their profits could not be allowed to go on unknown.

After alot of searching, alot of bribing, and untold amounts of money being spent -just- to find correct sources for where to find real sources that may lead to information about The Black Sector, one person out of the many thousands having been contacted, made themselves visible to the consortium of mega-corps interested in finding The Black Sector.

A mercenary, who claimed to have made several trips to and back from The Black Sector was willing for a large sum of credits to go and obtain any information that could be collected without being noticed, and relay it back to the consortium. The price was hefty, but the chance to have information that could increase their profit margins by untold amounts, was not something that a price could be put on. Rumors have it that the amount paid was in the range of ten billion credits, but this information is highly refuted by any of the organizations that are claimed to have been involved in the consortium.

Ontop of the overall price for the job, the mercenary had one additional condition. A portion of the information that he would relay back to the consortium had to be released to the public, to make things more interesting for the future. The consortium could do so anonymously, and they could choose which information was to be released, but at least some portion of the evidence had to be released. Reluctantly agreeing to this added clause, the consortium paid their money to the mercenary and he went on his way.

Collecting and publicly dispersing information on The Black Sector was extremely risky, and usually meant certain death if you were discovered. However, the large sum of credits that was put up by the consortium was enough motivation for this mercenary to go with the job.

Two years passed until any information was sent back to the consorium which had originally contracted the mercenary. This would be the only information that the consortium would ever, (still to this day) recieve from the mercenary. Minus directions to actually get to The Black Sector, there was a map that had several solar systems plotted out on it without a coordinates grid of any kind. Rumors have it that the mercenary was killed during the attempt to finish the job, a likely story.

Although a very shrewd and elitist group, the consortium's members were people of their word, and as such they anonymously released the map along with the additional information explained here (minus the rumors of course).

12-21-2010, 07:55 PM
Do you like Cos3 alot and was it easy to use?