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10-03-2010, 09:48 PM
With so many folks focusing on post-apocalyptic and other fictional New York maps, my focus has been on conveying actual information in an entertaining way to draw interest. My first project was Central Park, and I enjoyed that thoroughly. This one is a map of the museums of Manhattan. There are a whole bunch of them. I started with a basic map of Manhattan and the surrounding area and laid out the water.

I have a map that I'm using as a style guide. It uses a lot of shore lines so I spent several hours trying to reproduce the feel. I'm sure we all have a good understanding of the limitations of the select/modify/expand command and its siblings. There are some very tell-tale artifacts that surface when using these tools and I was determined to avoid them. I think I've managed that. Comparing this to the original makes it easy to see the difference between this and the cartographer's hand-drawn lines, but they still feel the same. I'm pretty happy with it. Next step is the streets.

If anyone needs the basic land mass outline, which took me about three hours to do, I'll be happy to share.

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10-03-2010, 10:01 PM
It looks great so far. The lines look great and *I* can't immediately tell they aren't hand-drawn. Every time I've tried to do something like that they have ended up looking pretty hokey.

10-09-2010, 06:46 PM
I don't think you appreciate how many roads there are until you put them all in by hand. I've spent most of the day putting the Jersey side in although I had some left to do in Manhattan. I like the results, and though this map isn't intended to be road-oriented, the roads are a visually interesting background for the rest.

This is a relatively big map. I want it to feel big.

School's out for the next two weeks so I'll be able to put some love on the map before the end of October.

Try as I may, using various different quality setting in Photoshop, I can't get this one to upload properly, so you'll have to click in and look.

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Aval Penworth
10-10-2010, 07:59 AM
Gee, that's a huge amount of work to do by hand. Looks very sice so far.

Why would you have more free time because school is out though?

10-10-2010, 09:51 AM
Because I'm not doing three assignments a week on top of my job, which is pretty demanding to begin with. I'm working on my second bachelor's degree and am exactly halfway through the curriculum. My company is offering this degree program in cooperation with a university in Nebraska (Bellevue), so the coursework is focused on contact center studies. That's my business for fifteen years, so that's a valuable degree to have.

10-10-2010, 04:39 PM
The roads are finished, although I reserve the right to make changes as necessary of course. I estimate that I probably put a good twenty hours into those. I think they turned out nicely. Next is the meat and 'taters--the museums. I don't know exactly how many I have to deal with in the area, but I want to do it with as little effort as possible. I suspect I'll learn a thing or two about limits on photoshop text handling.

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10-10-2010, 07:22 PM
Okay I'm looking for a volunteer, someone who wouldn't mind helping me vet the accuracy and appropriateness of the entries. You'll see a lot of galleries in here as well as other, borderline businesses. As long as they are art-related and allow admittance to the public, I want to keep them. But there are at least three in the list so far that are duplicates. I'm not sure if there are two museums of the same name or a place has changed addresses, but I will need to resolve problems like that. There are also places where Google did not list a website. I want to add those.

If someone is interested in assisting, I will share credit on the map itself. Here is the first segment, Manhattan south of 23rd street, which includes our gallery friends in position numero uno.

A1 Soho Gallery for Digital Art 138 Sullivan St sohodigart.com
A2 Museum of Jewish Heritage 36 Battery Pl mjhnyc.org
A3 Skyscraper Museum 39 Battery Pl skyscraper.org
A4 American Indian Museum 1 Bowling Green #1 si.edu
A5 Sports Museum of America 26 Broadway thesportsmuseum.com
A6 New York Vietnam Vets Memorial 55 Water St myvietnamveteransmemorial.org
A7 New York City Police Museum 100 Old Slip nycpolicemuseum.org
A8 American Geographical Society 120 Wall St #100 amergeog.org
A9 New York City Urban Experience 85 South St
A10 Fine Art Ala Carte Ste 1, 89 South St
A11 Bodies Exhibit 11 Fulton St
A12 New York Unearthed 207 Front St
A13 Phoenix Design 101 Maiden Ln
A14 Museum of American Finance 48 Wall St moaf.org
A15 Federal Hall National Memorial 26 Wall St nps.gov
A16 World Trade Center Memorial Foundation 1 Liberty Plaza #20 national911memorial.org
A17 Tribute WTC Visitory Center 120 Liberty St tributetwc.org
A18 National September Eleven Memorial Museum 20 Vesey St
A19 Poster Museum 122 Chambers St postermuseum.com
A20 Housing Works Thrift Shop 119 Chambers St shophousingworks.com
A21 Jan Larsen Art 321A Greenwich St janlarsenart.com
A22 Vietnam Art Design 345 Greenwich St #1 gallervietnam.com
A23 Engine 27 Incorporated 173 Franklin St engine27.org
A24 Constitution Works 60 Lafayette St #3B16 theconstitutionworks.org
A25 Museum of Chinese in America 70 Mulberry St mocanyc.org
A26 Asian American Arts Center 26 Bowery aaartsalliance.org
A27 Mott Street Amusement Company Inc 8 Mott St
A28 Museum at Eldridge Street 12 Eldridge St eldridgest.org
A29 West Side Arts Collection 96 East Broadway wsacny.org
A30 North Elba Town Hall 132 FDR Dr
A31 Art Les NYC Studios 202 Rivington St artlesnyc.com
A32 Asian American Arts Center 111 Norfolk St artspiral.org
A33 Lower East Side Tenement Museum 90 Orchard St tenement.org
A34 Kehila Kedosha Jania Museum 280 Broome St
A35 Nancy Ralph 59 Orchard St
A36 Feature Inc. 131 Allen St featureinc.com
A37 Luxce Project 53 Stanton St
A38 Italian American Museum 155 Mulberry St italianamericanmuseum.org
A39 Museum of Chinese in America 215 Center St mocanyc.org
A40 Children's Museum of the Arts 182 Lafayette St #A cmany.org
A41 Museum of Modern Art Design 81 Sprint St #A momastore.org
A42 New World Art Center 250 Lafayette St #5
A43 Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art 594 Broadway moccany.org
A44 Museum for African Art Inc. 593 Broadway africantart.com
A45 Yorks Shona Gallery 99 Spring St yorksshonagallery.com
A46 Belenky Brothers 91 Grand St belenky.com
A47 Deitch Projects LLC 18 Wooster St deitch.com
A48 Jenny Archive Inc. 383 W Broadway
A49 State Russian Museum 155 Spring St
A50 Martin Lawrence Galleries 457 W Broadway martinlawrence.com
A51 Robert Lee Morris 233 Spring St
A52 American Numismatic Society 75 Varick St #1100 numismatics.org
A53 New York City Fire Museum 278 Spring St nycfiremuseum.org
A54 March 83 Vandam St marchgallery.com
A55 Gilbert and Lila Silverman Foundation 488 Greenwich St
A56 Nitsch Carolina Contemporary Art 101 Wooster St
A57 Ground Zero Museum Workshop 420 W 14th St groundzeromuseumworkshop.com
A58 National Audubon Society 255 Varick St #7 audubon.org
A59 Pratt Manhattan Gallery 144 W 14th St #2
A60 14th Street Painters 110 W 14th St #4 14thstreetpainters.org
A61 Salmagundi Club 47 5th Ave salmagundi.org
A62 Museum Projects LLC 25 5th Ave
A63 Chaim Gross Studio Museum 526 Laguardia Pl
A64 Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd. 15 E 9th St alhirschfeld.com
A65 Museum Digital Licensing Collection 41 E 11th St
A66 Artist Arena 853 Broadway #3 artistarena.com
A67 ICAR Foundation Inc. 77 Bleeker St #C214
A68 Museum 52 New York 4 E 2nd St museum52.com
A69 New York Kunsthalle 210 E 5th St #5
A70 Ukranian Museum 222 E 6th St ukrainianmuseum.org
A71 Museum of Jewish Heritage 18 1st Ave
A72 Sidney Mishkin Gallery 135 E 22nd St cuny.edu
A73 Hampden Booth Theater Library 16 Gramercy Park S hampdenbooth.org
A74 Theodore Rooseveldt Birthplace 28 E 20th St nps.gov
A75 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum 128 5th Ave
A76 Schnur Daniel 22 W 23rd St
A77 Museum Clothing Company 33 W 19th St #20
A78 Robert R Livingston Masonic 71 W 23rd St #1400
A79 Ruth Catone Incorporated 114 W 17th St #7
A80 Chelsea Ceramic Guild 233 W 19th St chelseaceramic.com
A81 Chisholm Gallery 325 W 16th St vintagepostersnyc.com
A82 Andrew Edlin Gallery 134 10th Ave edlingallery.com
A83 Children's Galleries for Jewish Culture 515 W 20th St, Ste 4E cgjc.org
A84 Chambers Fine Art 522 W 19th St chambersfineart.com
A85 Zieher Smith 516 W 20th St ziehersmith.com
A86 Flowers Gallery 529 W 20th St flowersgallery.com
A87 Will Ameringer Fine Art Incorporated Frnt 1, 525 W 22nd St
A88 Kennedy Boesky Photograph 535 W 22nd St
A89 Eyebeam 540 W 21st St eyebeam.org

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10-15-2010, 12:10 PM
The base map is visually striking...I'm looking forward to see how you represent the galleries.

10-17-2010, 04:47 PM
One of the challenges of this map is choosing what to show and what to leave out. The further in you drill, the more stuff pops up. If you stick strictly to museums, it narrows the focus significantly, leaving maybe too few. If you pick up galleries, the number of items increases geometrically. I'm just not feeling it, which is why this map hasn't progressed in a week. I've got to stop avoiding it and dig back in.

10-17-2010, 11:03 PM
Okay I guess I talked myself into getting back into it. I decided to go with museums and places of historical interest, leaving out galleries entirely, with one exception. I'd like feedback on the markers and the text style used. Thanks in advance for your interest.

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Steel General
10-18-2010, 06:26 AM
I like it, my only suggestion would be to either (1) Make the pin 'head' slightly larger or (2) Make the text slightly smaller so it doesn't butt up against the border of the 'head'

10-20-2010, 10:54 AM
If there are more than 99 listings in a section, will you switch to a narrower type?

It's not obvious to me how the numbering system is organized. Not alphabetical, but not strictly by location either, making it difficult to go from the list to the map.

I found this official city dataset of Cultural Organizations which you might cross reference:

10-20-2010, 01:59 PM
Jeez, Immolate, you must be one determined mother to take on a map this detailed after you only just finished a ridiculously detailed map. :S

It looks great though and will be real beauty when it's done. :)

10-23-2010, 07:29 PM
I spent a couple of hours implementing your suggestions SG.

Carabosse: the sections are laid out so that Each section is <100. I've been through the process once already so I know how many things I have to worry about. Of course my focus has changed so I may have to make some adjustments. There are a lot of museums around Central Park (as well I already knew) but to the east and west of it, not so much, and relatively little in Harlem. I've got next week theoretically off so I intend to get cracking and get this thing done in that time.

Ramah: you know how these things go. Sometimes you pick the map. Sometimes the map makes all the decisions.

10-24-2010, 12:21 PM
This is incredible, great idea and execution. Perhaps go for slightly larger pins to allow for more size in the labels themselves?