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10-10-2010, 08:54 AM
Major update in the first response to this thread! Updated links to the image there! (Would normally upload it to Cartographer's Guild but in this case there's some file issue -- maybe too large a file?)

I've spent the last month and a half trying to nail down the exact techniques I wanted to use in creating a massive world map for my Evensfell world. On the 21st of last month I published another iteration of Ironspine (here). Since then, I've kept on trying new things, and I think I've found a style I am very happy with.

This map currently holds strictly to the Ironspine region. Mount Sovereign lays to the West, the Rose Isles to the North, the Darkstone Isles to the East, and the Stormspine Mountains to the South. Additionally, the waters of the Southwest interior are the Shallowed Expanse where the Eastern waters are bordering the Blackened Reach. Each of these regions will be mapped and detailed, one by one, along w/ the rest of the world.

I'll be evaluating the addition of cities, roads, farms, etc. I'm also going to be looking at color and detailing that will add some uniqueness to the sub-regions. (I may also take a scalpel to some of that snow; it's designed that way to mimic the world map but it may just be too much atm)

A full map of Evensfell can be found here (Ironspine is in the Northeast):

An ealier iteration of Ironspine here:

10-12-2010, 02:51 AM
I'm bumping this as opposed to making a new thread. I've tripled/quadrupled the mapped areas to now include Mount Sovereign (the huge Western mountain) and the Darkstone Isles to the East. Here's a much better viewer:

If you don't have or want Silverlight, it may default to AJAX on the normal link:

And the original full size map (15,000 by 8,000, so it may have issues loading in the browser):

I'm still on the fence regarding placing cities/agriculture/etc. This is effectively a game map that players will be able to populate with their own cities, etc., which puts me in a strange position -- if I draw in towns and cities and players create new ones, does it look too awkward when the players just get an icon while the NPC city is mapped? Regardless, I'll be able to place some icons for general viewing soon. :)

I will get into coloring and variety, but I feel the terrain mapping and water takes precedence over it at the moment.