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10-29-2010, 04:42 AM
Just to share and have advices/comments of the remake of the Golden Goblin from Paizo adventure path "Second Darkness" :

Niveau 1 (sans/avec grille) :
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62571-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_01_1_7.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62569-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_01_1_7.jpg)
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62574-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_01_1_7_grille.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62572-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_01_1_7_grille.jpg)

Niveau 2 (sans/avec grille) :
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62358-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_02_1_2.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62356-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_02_1_2.jpg)
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62577-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_02_1_2_Grille.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62575-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_02_1_2_Grille.jpg)

Niveau -1 (sans/avec grille) :
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62552-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-1_1_0.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62550-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-1_1_0.jpg)
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62580-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-1_1_0_Grille.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62578-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-1_1_0_Grille.jpg)

Niveau -2 (sans/avec grille) :
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62583-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-2_1_0.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62581-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-2_1_0.jpg)
http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62586-2/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-2_1_0_Grille.jpg (http://gallery.rptools.net/d/62584-1/Le_gobelin_d_or_Niveau_-2_1_0_Grille.jpg)

10-29-2010, 08:12 AM
I see a lot of Genetica textures and a lot of Dundjinni forum art put together in a really nice way, here.

Very nice, it all comes together really well. The lighting effects are well done, too. The only criticism I could come up with is that the red carpet on the first floor is a bit bright and textureless, making me think of tomato soup. But even then, I am reaching pretty far to come up with anything. Your roofs are really nice. I'd be interested in seeing the textures you used for it. Keep up the good work!

10-29-2010, 04:08 PM
I'll echo reckless: This is beautiful work, especially your lighting. Did you build all of the furniture and texture yourself? If so, I'd love to hear some details on your process.

As for the red carpet, it is a little dominating. If you ad a very, very faded geometric pattern to it, that would break up the sea of red enough to really appreciate the entire piece as a whole.

Steel General
10-30-2010, 12:09 PM
Have to echo the others on the red carpet - "Gimme a grilled cheese sandwich to go with the soup" :D

Other than that it's a fine job!