View Full Version : The Village of Peacebloom

11-03-2010, 09:34 PM
Source: I created a free commission yesterday and today for someone, this is one of the versions of the product. The client asked for a monochromatic map with nothing of real note on it. Unfortunately, it didn't feel true to my aesthetic and therefore I took the product and did my own twist and story. This version was rejected by the client therefore I feel comfortable of doing my own rendition. Added some aged paper hueing and texture to map, border, compass rose, legend with points of interest and title to give it a look that I am more happy with.

Story: Small farming town at the turn of the 20th century. The McAllistars and Dultons are the founding families of this small community and as such are the leaders of the small village. Mr. McAllistar and Mayor Dulton are always at odds with each over minor issues that arise in the area and as such prone to conflict. Very seldom it turns into violent frays but when it does chaos springs up in this seemingly peaceful town. This is when the good Doctor Wolfgang ends up being a mediator and brings most situations to a end as quickly as possible to prevent further issues.

Hope you enjoy it!