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bobby ewing
11-19-2010, 01:38 AM
hi guys, im a 33 years old man, i'm wrting a story and i need a map... but it's too complex, so i do it by another way than using photoshop. but it's a lill bit ugly. I'm here to find somebody who can do it better!
i'm couting on you boys and girls!!!!!

11-19-2010, 02:58 AM
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11-19-2010, 04:15 AM
hi bobby, if you need help making a map post what you do in a WIP thread and we'll help you. If you need someone to make it for you, post in the Map Request section instead - remember to read the stciky about it before posting :)

Steel General
11-19-2010, 02:47 PM
Welcome Aboard!