View Full Version : November Challenge Entry: Small Castle

11-25-2010, 08:16 AM
### latest WIP ###


Hello everybody

I thought I would go classic in this Challenge, and make a small castle, with a few interesting features.

I wanted to make a place, suitable for either a small group of adventurers to use as a base of operations, a robber knight and his retainers or a Wizard and his minions.

I wanted the place to be filled with small rooms, and I wanted people to have the oportunity to jump from one balcony to the other (For swashbucklers and the like).

The castle is placed on a steep hilltop, so that the only approach is through the front gate. Otherwise you would need mountaineering skills to get in.

I have put in a series of secret tunnels, that give access from the top master bedroom to most of the castle, a secret basement, and an escape tunnel, if such is needed. You can even use an underwater tunnel to swim into the fountain in front of the center keep.

There is plenty of room on top of the castle for flying creatures or war machines.

This was fun to make (and I think I will use it tonight, as I am Gamemastering the group I have been playing with since 1988).