View Full Version : Interworld Executive Transport Vehicle

12-21-2010, 03:51 PM
Tanner Voss looked out the view screen next to his leather recliner. He was travelling to a Interworld meeting at the mining facility on the Moon. He hated going to the Moon, but if you had to go this wasn't a bad way. The Executive Transport Vehicle or E.V.T, was fast and luxurious. It needed to be Interworld Energy's top officers deserved the best in Voss's opinion.The E.V.T was armored in the unlikely event that it was attacked by someone. There were even rumors that it carried some sort of weapon system although Voss had no knowledge of that. All he was aware of at the moment was the softness of his seat and the taste of the wine in his glass. Everything was as it should be.....

I seem a bit fixated on these things... Deckplans for all these ships are coming.. :)