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12-28-2010, 07:19 PM
Since I'm on a break, I decided to really get back to mapping, to produce something totally finished that I'm
happy with. I'm trying a style based on some maps I've seen from the early 1800s combined with medieval
maps, but without quite so many embellishments. To have some extra motivation and keep a record of progress,
I created this thread.

The world is based off of this one;


That one is simply a test map where I was playing with layers and blending, and it is lacking significant background.
Worldbuilding is a big hobby of mine, so that will be remedied.

It is my intention for this map to look like something that could have been created by the people who live there.
I like fancy maps such as those used for game worlds, but I want to create something that feels like it is a part
of the world it represents. I've never really done that (successfully) before.

So, to start it off,

1. The Initial Outline (with a fancy parchment underlayer)


It doesn't look like much, but the outline is very important... No really, it is. :P

12-28-2010, 07:33 PM
Nice layout! It'll be interesting to see this develop.

12-28-2010, 09:05 PM
Just for some details about le monde:

The region is pretty isolated, so it makes it almost like a world in its own.

To the north is a massive range of mountains that no one crosses (or if they do, it's too much trouble to go all the way back - like the Himalayas).
The east coast of the continent is covered by a long, thinner line of mountains close to the sea, with barely anyone on the eastern shore. The eastern
ocean is very dangerous, with constant storms and tsunamis that wipe out any forest or city that springs up on the east coast. The only people there
live in tiny villages high above the sea. The south is mountainous, rocky, and densely wooded, and due to the poor, thin soil, no farms of any decent
size exist, and there the population is small and sparse. To the west it simply gets dryer and dryer until there seems to be no rain at all. It goes from
temperate forest to arid woodland to dry scrubland to rocky desert. Obviously the west isn't a prime settlement area.

Everyone clusters around the south-western end of the large inlet and the lagoon, with many towns upriver.

There is no contact with anyone to the north or east, nor to the south down the shoreline. The only outside contact is with small nomadic groups to the
west and small settlements to the south. The world is a lot larger, but the people of the inlet don't know much about it since they lack the technology and
the will to go beyond the natural barriers.