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01-03-2011, 12:15 AM
My name is Bryon Greco. i first started fantasy gaming at the ripe old age of ten, but it wasn't until I was 19 that I began making my own maps. I seemed to put much more effort into it than anyone else I knew and have really enjoyed it. In fact, my first four maps i want to post here spurred me to create a whole world, and then a custom homebrew game out of it. I hope you all enjoy my work and can give me constructive criticism. Thanks. -b.greco

Phill Devil
01-03-2011, 12:25 AM
welcome, greco ^^
looking forward to see your work

Steel General
01-03-2011, 09:05 AM
Welcome Aboard!

01-03-2011, 03:43 PM
Welcome to the Guild !! :)

01-03-2011, 07:55 PM
Enjoy your stay!

01-07-2011, 12:24 PM
hi, welcome to the guild. Be sure to check out our many tutorials, and when you're ready to start your own maps - post in a WIP (work in progress thread) for help and critique :)

01-08-2011, 12:01 AM
Welcome to the Guild!

01-08-2011, 05:08 PM
I have already some maps in my gallery, if I had seen earlier that you also can put up dungeon maps, i would have posted some of those also. I get a lot of compliments on my dungeon maps.