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Phill Devil
01-05-2011, 01:42 AM
SOOO, That's my 2nd map, and I know, it sucks.
I'm gonna use it as a base for the other maps relationed to Midétaphos, so, whatever

To make it worth of posting... almost XD I made it to be a POLITICAL map, made by a Hallish cartographer (the 2nd most advanced people in Midétaphos)

I know you're not gonna like the map, but I'll post some information about this world, and I'll soon post more world maps (maybe in a classical way, and for sure a satelite view)

so, there are 3 continents as you may see, Nephells, Veinia and Bei-Hong
In the time of this map (I don't remember the year right now, I'll edit the post later) Nephells is a great empire ruled by the emperor Vailér Votan, a human necromancer who has been alive and young for over a 100 years.

Veinia is the greatest continent. and he also has the greatest mountain range in the world. It's called The Twilight Mountains, and it's peak is at 9000 meters of elevation (yup, higher than the everest). This mountain range is located at that huge gray line in the north of Veinia (and I think it's wai too big, I'll probably change it...)
Vainia also has the greates desert. Ocuping the almost the area New Sahamateim, Gordoba and a considerable part of the south of Elflhaim and Soltzen. It is called The Desert of Sahamat.
In Sahamat lives only 4 races: Humans, Fairies, Trolls, Angels and Sahamatians. Sahamatians kinda look like humans, but they are considerably taller, phisically stronger and less sensitive to magic. They also have darker skin and red eyes.

People from New Sahamateim and Gordoba are the only monoteist people from Midétaphos. They may believe in one god, but they also believe in 3 demi-gods and, as the other people from Midétaphos (except Hallishes and Neolvz), they DO believe in the 6 great spirits that there were before all.

East Elflhaim was originally a refugee for the Night Elves from Elflhaim that weren't accepted in their own country. Their territory grew in such a way that the queen of Soltzen, Heike De Feit II, have let them have their own country.

The Neolvz lives in Netzwald (a country that can only be reached by air or underground).
they are live elves, but the higest from their people is 63 inches tall. so yeah, they're small. However the most advanced people from Midétaphos. Yes, they are aliens. they even have space-ships, airships and mini mobile suits.

In Bei-hong lies the oldest republic of all (Loupey), as well as the newest empire of all (nitaya). an DON'T YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GIANT PERFECT ROUND LAKE IN THE MIDDLE OF BEI-HONG. It's magical. And it is also surrunded by a great mountain range. Wich is surrounded by a great river.
it's said that in the middle of that lake lies the the portal to the world of the gods

Oh yeah, the Hallishes are other kind of aliens that came to Midétaphos.
They live in Nephells and they look alike humans. apart from the 4 little horns in their heads, the red marks in their bodies, and the always with sraight white hair and yellow eyes.
Their technologi is kinda like steampunk, but with not so much smoke xD

I guess that's that.
and if you've read all this ****, from the bottom of my heart, i thank you <3


oh, by the way
260 kilometers = 161.55651 miles

01-05-2011, 06:16 AM
Hm. Image isn't displaying for me. But that empty white box is huge!

Edit: There we go! Good base. Keep it coming. :)

Steel General
01-05-2011, 07:03 AM
I had no issues viewing the image, looks like a good start.