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01-06-2011, 10:37 PM
Commander Carol Mayer had not been able to leave the survey station for hours. She was fascinated by this planet. Valkos they had named it. It was of course a ridiculous name spat out of a computer in a office somewhere back on Earth. She would have named it Atlantis or maybe Islandia or something like that. The scientist that still lived inside her had made some basic assumptions about this planet. At some time in the world's distant past a series of massive seismic events had literally shredded the land masses leaving them thin and spidery. The sheer amount of islands from great to tiny led her to believe that at least some of the activity that had shaped this world was volcanic. She was also fascinated by the color. Green several shades of green from dark to light. This indicated forests. Huge lush forests that no doubt attributed to the planets high oxygen count. It also rained on Valkos a lot. She imagined it to be almost jungle like. On her own planet Earth the continents had been nearly deforested and the precious rain-forests almost destroyed. She imagined in these conditions the trees would grow back very quickly. She found herself wanting to go for a walk under the dense canopy and feel the rain on her face. Had it been that long she wondered to herself? Snapping back to reality she heard the comm station beep and knew that unless she did something no one would ever walk under the trees on Valkos again....

This actually started out as a experiment in Wilbur which although I've had for quite a while I just recently started to use. As I was adding texture I had the idea to make it the "other" side of Valkos. Now none of the above is based on any real scientific data so don't beat me up about that.. :) The next step will probably be rivers but I'm going to need some help. Time to go read the tutorial.. :)
As always feedback is requested and appreciated.. Thanks!! :)

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Started on the rivers.. (whoop whoop it's the sound of the police..) a cookie to anyone that gets the obscure lyric reference :)

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Carol Mayer entered her command code into the console in her small office. She had never used this particular code before and wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen. There was a small click and a terminal rose from her desk. A beep was followed by a feminine voice. "Please re-enter command code" Mayer did and was rewarded with another beep and the voice again." Weapons systems now available. FTL defensive drive systems now available. Reactive armor now available." Mayer smiled Her survey vessel was now a weapons platform. Interworld had installed weapons and armor on all the survey vessels in the event that they encountered intelligent life that could attack the vessels. They had never even considered the possibility that a captain would turn those weapons on another Interworld vessel. But that's just what Carol Mayer intended to do. She looked at her console again which showed a fuzzy image of two humanoids standing next to some kind of animal. She gritted her teeth. "Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you" with that she headed back out to the bridge to face her destiny....

I added the rest of the labeling and some info I probably will do more of these "inserts" as well
As always feedback is requested and appreciated Thanks !! :)

01-08-2011, 07:19 PM
The More Carol Mayer studied Valkos the more she set her resolve to let nothing happen to it. Her terminal showed an overall view of the Eastern continent while several smaller boxes brought up data on life-form readings and mineral density. The planet was a cornucopia of life. Dense readings in both the land masses and the oceans. There were several positive signs of intelligent life as well as significant signs of non-intelligent animal life. The data that bothered Mayer the most was the mineral data. Valkos had huge amounts of both Uranium and the much rarer Nexium. The Eastern continent was dotted with huge veins of the wonder mineral and she knew Interworld would stop at nothing to strip this planet of every last bit. She looked again at the long range sensors that she had trained on the Vision. Northrup's personal shuttle. The craft had been forced to slow due to the asteroid field on the outskirts of the Valkos system. Even with that she knew Parker Northrup would be orbiting Valkos in less than a day. She had that much time to implement her plan. If Northrup wouldn't listen to reason, then she would blast the Vision into dust. She chuckled grimly to herself" Not much of a plan girl" But it was the best that she and the inhabitants of Valkos had....

More Insets featuring various types of data.. :)