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01-13-2011, 05:20 AM
So finally I have finished my map of Drakonia. It could never have been done without Tears fantastic Saderan tutorial. So if you like the map a lot of the praise should go to him.

Everything is done in photoshop, the compass I found on the forum. Can’t remember where so I don’t know who I should credit. But thanks for it anyway :-)

Now to some history of the world…..
Drakonia is the oldest of the seven worlds that the Archonts (old false gods) created. It was also here the path that led to the destruction of all the civilizations started. On Drakonia a magically very gifted race called the Drakonians lived. They learned to travel between worlds through the borderlands. Once this route was discovered it didn’t take long until all the seven worlds in the second creation started to integrate. This in the end led to the destruction of them all.

Once a warm and green planet Drakonia is now scared from the old apocalypse. There are still green areas closest to the great seas, but the bigger part of the world now only consists of inhabitable deserts. The Drakonians themselves never regained their strength after the apocalypse and today they mostly live on in old stories. Some say that a few of them still lives in the ruins from their old cities in the central parts of the world. But no one knows for sure.

Instead the humans, as in all the other worlds, turned out to be the best race at adapting. And today they are the unquestionable rulers of Drakonia.