View Full Version : Long Term Project - Need Suggestions

01-31-2011, 04:06 AM
I have what you could call an art project that will probably take me quite a while to realize. It basically involves art and writing on the same art piece that attempts to combine events pictorially and descriptively. The actual events would likely come from a custom history and world that I am already starting to dreaming up. The only link that this has to cartography is that at some point it is likely to have a few maps involved.

With that basic idea I would like to demonstrate some real examples where you could take it as I have described with some imagination:


These two are not of events, but of items. If we were to change that to a historical event and with writing describing such it would be basically what I am going for. Another representation I just remembered about was from an episode of Star Trek TNG: http://min.us/mvb0qLp, it was boards representing the history of a village.

For this project I am inventing a script (and possibly a language), currently based off of runes, but having some difficulty in developing this. A parallel step is the creation of the world and history.

A big part of this will be finding an appropriate medium, and learning the skills to do what I want. So I am looking to investigate the media available.

With consideration of the script being a sort of rune, I think one of the best ways of writing would be an older style pen (something reasonably old technology but still available without too much cost). That said, the media used should be able to reproduce the runes in enough detail to be read.

Then the art itself, will likely be a brush based art form. The actual type of paint used would probably be based on the medium.

I have some thoughts on media: 1. canvas is widely available, 2. papyrus is available for sale, 3. rice paper (might be too fragile), ....

Does anyone know of any other forms that I should look into? I don't know what kind of thing the picture from TNG is except for some sort of board.

Your thoughts, as always are valued.