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02-01-2011, 01:40 AM
I just created this map to illustrate the world in which my stories, Tales of Forgotten Ages , take place.


02-01-2011, 04:52 AM
Personally oppinon here so take it as that only.
1) the mountain range are too straight make it more "random" a bit wide in some places and narrow in others. Remember mountains are made either by the gods (fantasy) or by tectonic plates pushing the ground upward. If the latter is the case then imagine how the tectonic plate have moved and model the mountains after that.

2) Rivers flow toward the sea - Cool enough - however they should raise from the higher grounds. Specially the one running thru penbridge (sp?) should come from some sort of platau. This elevation could be made by adding "cliffs" to the waterfront.

3) water front - pretty straight forward however add a few lesser islands or rock formation to make it more realistic

4) City location - Assuming this is a feudalism type of society (as most fantasy) the settlement generally were located near water for easy travel, water mills and fishing. These were normally major settlement making faming community somewhat lesser - you could reflect that with different sizes on your towns. Also I understand this is for a story but who would build a fortress on the "wrong side" of the mountains - Fortress are build for protection (and pride) so why did the land owner build it where they did. Consider that when placing the fortress.

5) Overall colour scheme - You are using standard CC colour scheme which in itself is fine - but try to add some variation to the river + roads and maybe some more barren/rocky type of colour near the glacier as the plains wouldnt be the same all over - also consider woodlands somewhere... maybe pine in the north?

Anyway good fundament to build on and lots of space for adventuring thru your tales of the forgotten ages.

02-01-2011, 10:13 AM
Good comments! This is just a starting point. My mapping skills are woefully lacking as of yet. There is no terrain applied
other than the mountains. The Talin River flowing past Fenbridge comes out of a low coastal range. The fortress on the
'wrong' side of the mountain is the base for the leader of a group of assassins. Sethia is ruled by groups of competing
warlords. Havenport is an autonomous city ruled by a consortium of wealthy merchants and retired sea captains. You are right,
the roads and rivers need more effects applied to them. I thought that vegetation applied at this level would look strange. I plan on
making closer 'views' that will have vegetation and more detail. I like the idea of adding rocks and islands to the sea.
Thanks for all the good advice.