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02-17-2011, 01:36 PM
Hello everybody,

I'm a brand new user of CC3. I find it very impressive! But I have some troubles for using it effectively. Maybe I'm wrong in my manipulations or I missed something.

First, I precise that I am French, and my English is not very good. So, please, excuse me if I'm not always understandable :o(

I'm trying to make my first map, and I some things are very confusing for my (I haven't the habit to use this kind of soft, ans some specialized terms are unkown for me).
I have a first serie of questions, and it will not be the last, I think :o) Let's start, in no particular order:

SYMBOL PLACEMENT: if I understand correctly, symbol can choose they own sheet when placing it (it's an option), but not their layer, so I must choose myself the layer befaore placing the symbol (logical : layer are my own classification of things). Am I right? [this was a source of a lot confusion ...]
SELECTION TOOL: I understood that I choose a command first, then select an object then do it. But, I find very difficult to select objects. I read the tips from the manual (list, select by color, ID#, and so) but it is not all clear in my mind. I precise that I work on entities in std CC3 / SS1e filled catalog (those are bitmaps IIRC). So everytime I want to pick up precisely a thing, I select the action (ex. ERASE), then try to pick somthing (a tree or a mountain, these are hard to catch!) with a left click ... usually, I miss eveything (no pick) or I pick a lot of things, and usually not the one I want ... (lots of squares, far bigger than the bitmap image itself). Is it something I do wrong? There is some others tips? [in fact, if someone around is a French speaker, I will be VERY glad if he can explain me all the whole action & selection process in French ... I admit that it is very confuse because I don't fully understand the subtilities of English explainations]

How I can move selected objects from a layer or a sheet to another, without copying it by the menu "copy to layer" or "copy to sheet"? I want to relocate some things, and the only solution I found is to make a copy to the intented layer/sheet then erase the previous selection in the original layer/sheet ... not optimal ...
I have a problem on the map I made (see attachement). I have all my buildings in the STRUCTURES layer. Originally, I'va placed them in the SYMBOL DEFINITION layer by mistake, so I use the copy to layer then erase method (see above). Now the problem is: if I hide the SYMBOL DEFINITION layer, its hide the STRUCTURES layer as well ... (the same for VEGETATION) ... Any clue?

This is for now, but I have a lot of interrogations, especially on organization of tools (configuratioon of the catalogs, scales, etc.) and efficient method of drawing.
Let's see that another time.

I thanks you by advanced for the answers.

Kind regards.


P.S.: if there is any CC3 ressources in French, I'll take it ;o)
P.P.S.: I also post this on the Profantasy Software forum.

Steel General
02-17-2011, 01:54 PM
I'm not a CC# user but I'm sure one will be along shortly to answer your questions.

02-17-2011, 03:36 PM
First, bravo on your English! It's clear enough, don't worry. I don't have a lot of experience with Layers and Sheets, so no help there.

But selecting objects is pretty easy. Though I've had exactly the problems you've had. It just takes getting used to.

First, try zooming WAY in, until you can visually identify the objects you want to select, as distinct from those you don't want to select.

Second, the select interface allows you to either click on the object, or create a selection box. Sometimes it's easier to do it with the selection box.

If you accidentally select something you don't want, you can shift-select and it will be subtracted from the selected set. Shift-select will also add something to the selected set, it's like a toggle.

02-17-2011, 04:24 PM
To change something to another layer/sheet etc, there is a button (usually on the left) called CHANGE PROPERTIES. Click that button then select the ting you wish to change properties on. I.E. You made a nice lake, but you gave it the wrong FILL STYLE, put it on the MOUNTAINS sheet and on the VEGETATION layer. To change it, select CHANGE PROPERTIES, the click on the lake (to select it, click OK, and then from the menu, you can change the sheet, the layer and the fill style (as well as other properties)

02-18-2011, 03:01 AM
Hello and thanks to all,

NeonKhnight, I didn'i realize that layer was a property of an object. It helps me a lot!
In fact there is a lot of thing that are properties in CC3, it changes me from others tools. I'll explore more others properties.

mattcolville, I've try you'r advice, but still I have problem selecting some objects. I thing that it is more linked to the nature of it than to the manipulations themselves. Bitmap objects have a invisible boundary that is not obvious to select and that overlap a lot around the picture itself (i.e.: beautiful bitmap mountains in SS1e catalog).
No reel problem with the standard ones for exemple.

Another question, just to but sure: for the problem of not viewing STRUCTURES and VEGETATION layers if I don't make the layer SYMBOL DEFINITION visible, I have deduced that it is some "special layer" that contain all the symbol definition (others identical symbol used are just some copies, as indicate in the manual). I found the confirmation in the help. So, I believe there is some few "special" layer, as the SYMBOL DEFINITION and MERGE, but I didn't find a list of these and what are their reel function. I appreciate explanations, and also where to find it in help or manual.



P.S.: for the little story, I purchased CC3 (and SS1 extention) to make maps for Dominions 3. So, this is not just an artistic creation, but I have some others constraints for the intendend use in the game (such as visibility, help for editing provinces afterward, etc.). I'm working right now on my first map. I'll post it here for critics and comments, if you permit of course.

02-18-2011, 11:15 AM
You should be able to simply hide the appropriate LAYER to select certain items. A symbol can have a default SHEET(on overland maps often the SYMBOL sheet), but the layers are subject to your selections.

Check this thread: http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?2549-Award-Winner-Basic-CC3-Concepts-explained