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02-19-2011, 09:23 PM
Arkah-Major, is it's name. The humans, and all their destruction first stepped into it centuries ago. Now, they're trying to establish new colonies into it, they're trying to expand their horizons sucking the planet's life for themselves. Some of them have turned against their own race, and created a resistance to the world that could not be by yourself. The war started, forces emerged from every part of the world, and they are fighting for territory. After some time, everyone forgot the cause for the war. It's just a war without a reason now.

Ok, I'm into worldbuilding, and I'm developing my own world, with fauna and flora, technology, history and stories, geographi and even laguage. It's a sci-fi universe called Colonies. The planet is called Arkah-Major, it's three times greater than Earth, but has a mysterious 78% of it's gravitational power.

I'm trying to merge with sci-fi fantasy, putting animals like dragons, and Some Other Beast with plausible Explanations for the fire spit from Their mouths, and things ... I even thought about floating hills, caused by the proximity of the first natural satellite.

But I need help. I have in mind the entire map for the world, but I can't draw it. Also, I don't know any ways to count time in the planet.

I'll try to describe the world map:

It has only one continent, covered in 70% by a rain forest. It's North Pole is also warm, because of the first natural satellite, tidaly bound to it, that redirect the star's light to it. Between planet and satellite there is a gravitational cancellation field that pulled a great piece of the ground of both celestial bodies. Under this floating island there is a barren land created by the constante pull of rocks from it.
There is also a large river that flows almost to the entire forest, flowing into the sea on all sides of the continent.
Near the center of the continent there is a huge desert, with hot temperatures, surrounded by mountains that provide direct access to the forest. We can see many clearings in the forest.
There's this huge archipelago, with hundreds of mini islands and dozens of islands in what looks like a crater formed by an impact to thousands of years, this archipelago is southwest of the continent. The South Pole is massive and is entirely separate from the mainland, mainly composed of ice and snow.

So what you think of it, an I forgeting something? Is it good? Do you have any tips for me?

Thanks for reading comrades. :)

Ps.: I did an attempt in pixelart some months ago, resulted in my avatar. I still don't have a name to the continent, nor do to the oceans. But the floating islands will be called Gravijjah Plains. If I would draw it I would like it to be this way:

http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/4176/imagempe.th.png (http://img825.imageshack.us/i/imagempe.png/)

EDIT: I also would love to have a version of this with a little hex grid, and is it possible to have a globe with the map and also the hex grid?

Can I use this information to request a map?

02-20-2011, 01:33 AM
If you check the Mapmaking Request (http://www.cartographersguild.com/forumdisplay.php?51-Mapmaking-Requests) forum there is a sticky at the top with all the stuff you would want to include in your request. I hope that helps.

Oh, and welcome to the guild.

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