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Mark Oliva
03-07-2011, 01:53 AM

Our free and open Jrgar (TM) RPG campaign setting is right on target with its planned release for this year. We already have signed off on a large number of maps, dungeon plans, etc. that are used in the Jrgar books. Some folks who have been in contact with us have asked for an advanced release of the maps so that they can use them in their own non-Jrgar RPG campaigns. These maps were created with Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 and exported as JPG flat maps. Starting today, we'll release one map every week. The first map for this week is of the western hemisphere of the campaign world, known as the Jr. You can get it in any one of three versions:

1. A JPG flat map, 1360 x 1055 pixels, with location names. To get this map, go to the Jrgar web site at the link below ( 1 MB)

2. A JPG flat map, 1360 x 1055 pixels, without location names. Use the image above (1 MB)

3. The original FM8 map in FMP format, fully editable. Download it from our Jrgar web page (32 MB). This version includes a PDF pamphlet that tells you how to use the layers and multi-zoom functions that are built into the map.

All three versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jrgar web site.

The Jrgar web site:


Next Week: The Continent of sa before the Great Wars

03-07-2011, 07:51 AM
Very nice work Mark! Best of luck with the project!