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04-12-2011, 04:08 PM
I realized while going through some stuff on the computer that I never posted a "finished" version of Riverhewn, the capital city of my Kingdom of Shendenflar AD&D campaign setting. This was one of the first maps I ever created digitally and has gone through several iterations ending with this. This map depicts the general area of the city. The city wards are called out altough individual streets are not. This city is home to approximately 75,000. This map also shows the area surrounding Riverhewn. It was done in GIMP.

04-12-2011, 05:42 PM
Hey! I remember him. Looks great...you're right, I don't think I ever saw the final. I also see my favorite town!

04-20-2011, 12:34 PM
Nice work! It gives a good shape to the overall city. The overall texture is a bit heavy for me - it looks a bit like it was painted onto a wall (which is no bad thing - it would be a cool mural!).

Love the field patterns to the north. The subtle colours work really well.

04-20-2011, 01:39 PM
Yeah, the texture is a bit heavy, but I kinda like it that way. It gives it character. Great job on this JT, this might be my favorite of your maps!


04-23-2011, 04:20 PM
Thank you everyone. :)

11-22-2015, 06:00 AM
nicely done