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04-18-2011, 05:26 PM
Sampsa Rydman is a talented Finn whose been crafting maps of Middle Earth for quite some time. His Middle Earth Maps can be found at http://lindefirion.net/maps/. Some of them are very well done, check out the maps of near harad (http://lindefirion.net/maps/harnendor.jpg), the third corsair war (http://lindefirion.net/maps/1664_poliittinen_tilanne.jpg), cardolan (http://lindefirion.net/maps/Cardolan1650.jpg), and Urezayan (http://lindefirion.net/maps/Urezayan.jpg) among others. One project that he's still working on is creating a 3d model in Autodesk of Pelargir, a major port in Southern Gondor. The results look amazing so far: http://wiki.lindefirion.net/ProjectPelargir

04-18-2011, 06:07 PM
Hi bax, Ooh, very nice! I've known of Sampsa's maps for some time. The Pelargir model is news to me though. That's fantastic!

We're doing something similar. You can check out the ME-DEM Project's landscape model also based on ICE's maps on here:

I've often looked at the ICE maps and always wanted to get down to that level of detail, but I've always got something or other I need to improve on the terrain model.


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Thanks for posting...

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Lovely stuff. Thanks for posting.