View Full Version : Sharukish, Capital of Escynethia

04-21-2011, 04:05 PM
Hey all, first time poster here. By way of introduction, I thought I'd post a map I finished just this last week, the first city map I've done in years, and first ever in Photoshop.


Sharukish is the setting for a few-sessions-long RPG I'm running currently; it's the capital city of the Empire of Escynethia. It's a fantastical Ancient Near-East-esque civilization, and I wanted it to seem both ancient and and larger than life. At first I toyed with just using a map of historical Nineveh, but then I got inspired by maps like Jared Blando's map of Xin Grafar (from Paizo's City of the Golden Death), and Rob Lazaretti's map of Axel (from the Pathfinder "Guide to the Multiverse"), as well as real-life maps of places like Canberra, Australia, and decided the city should be larger, circular, and planned. This was the outcome. Obviously I'm still learning this stuff, so I'd love any comments or critiques you all have for me.

04-21-2011, 07:03 PM
Welcome Michael, and may I say nice job on your first PS city map! It's a clean and simple style; I like it. Here's a little rep to induct you into the Guild.