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04-23-2011, 02:42 AM
I have to say it is wonderful to find this place. I've always loved maps, especially the old mercator maps. Its really great to see such a community.

I have an extensive background in photoshop and 3dsmax. I'll share a couple maps I've made, some older and some new, that were used for various things.

This was a concept map for a comic my friend and I entered in the (now gone) DC Online Comic contests. We would have put more names and stuff on the land masses if we had won. Oh well. I liked how I got the water to look around the borders.


This map was made for a Neverwinter Nights server's website, called Narfell, set in the Forgotten Realms campaign. Some of you may have heard of Neverwinter Nights. The html for the graphic was mapped out so that clicking on certain parts would send the viewer to their wiki page on the area. I don't think they used it to its full potential, but it was fun to make.


Here is the actually hosted functional image: http://narfell-nwn.com/map/narfell.htm
If you run your cursor over some of the town in the middle, you can click through to the wiki page on em.

This last map is something I threw together very recently. I hosted a pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons game (old school Red Book) for the first time in like... 8 or 9 years. I made this map and printed it out for the players to use. Some of the stuff, like secret doors didn't show on their version (placed on a different layer on photoshop), and when they found them, I'd tape a cut of the finished map onto theirs. This map ain't nothing to brag about, but it was fun to make, and amazing how fast I could put it together in photoshop, with the proper setup.


I'll try not to be a stranger here and participate in the monthly contests. I don't know if I'll have enough time to work on April's (since there is only one week left in April), but I'll definitely contribute to May's.

04-23-2011, 03:28 AM
I looked over the tutorials and I didn't see anything that mentions Masks in photoshop. I use them extensively.

I could write up a tutorial on using them. My dungeon map above was created using a Mask. Very easy way to add/remove parts of the map.

04-23-2011, 08:12 AM
Most of the references to masks are inside the tutorials themselves as a step to follow and (I think it was Jfrazierjr) wrote up a pretty good "intro to masks for Gimp". But if you want to write up one for PS then go right ahead, no one gonna stop ya. :) As for the maps, good stuff. I like that water that you mentioned as well. Welcome aboard.

Steel General
04-23-2011, 08:36 AM
Welcome Aboard!

04-28-2011, 01:33 PM
Welcome to the Guild!

Ryan K
04-28-2011, 11:34 PM
Welcome to the guild. Excellent works, btw :) Very cool. I like the functionality of the Neverwinter Nights one.

04-29-2011, 03:35 PM
Welcome to the Guild. Very nice work. :)