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04-29-2011, 11:58 AM
So working on the page layout for Dim Spirit, the second adventure of the 3 part, Curse of the Golden Spear mini-arc for Kaidan. Of course, I only have so many illustrations that I originally commissioned, not nearly enough to properly fill each adventure with 1 piece of art per 4 pages, that I'd prefer.

I've found myself, needing an illustration here or there, for a specific scene, that I don't have art for... so I've been creating them as I go myself. Though my illustration skills do not match those of my commissioned artists, it's good enough I think - it fits the 0 dollars budget I have to get this done...

I might have to create up to a dozen illustrations, though I can think of three that have to be in this adventure.

This is the opening scene illustration for the first page of the adventure... Lord Hachiwara has been torturing Honya Tyro, the daughter of the merchant who has hired the PCs as an escort to Kaidan. The undead lord is about to kill the poor girl and turn her into an Honna-yurei, or skeleton-ghost yurei. He says, "What I am about to do to you will hurt you terribly, but do not fear, for what comes after is far, far worse..."



04-29-2011, 03:41 PM
Very Good. :)