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05-05-2011, 07:44 PM
Greeting and salutations all.

New to here and to CC3, I am looking to make outstanding maps with this bit of tech. I am a long time gamer desktop and recently pc/laptop. I usually am inclined to hand draw a map for my worlds, whether it be a village, forest, castle or just a plain try to kill my party dungeon. I have many years of experience doing this and I am hoping with the help of this forum I can make a smooth transition to map making using CC3. My first piece will be a copy of a Dark Elf underground city I hand drew about a year ago. The hand drawing is fairly detailed and I want to highlight alot more areas using the CC3 software.

I am 41, just turned that in April. I have 2 children. one who just turned 20 in April and is in 3D Game art and design at Full Sail University. And a soon to be 15yo daughter who thinks she is in her 30's. I love to read on my kindle and if the book warrants serious *like* from me. I will purchase the actual hardcopy and it goes into my wall library. I just bought myself, as a present for being working overseas for the last 5 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, a 2010 F-150 King Ranch. Pearl black with a sandstone tan running along the bottom of the truck. It is my new toy.

I run/play once a week here at my home D&D, Vampire or GURPS, depending on our mood. 4 of us pretty much over the past 20 years. Good group of people and the wife spoils them every time with great gaming food and drinks..which usually entails me firing up my grill.. yeaa for me.

Anywho, I ramble, so long and I will see you all inside.


05-06-2011, 12:32 AM
Welcome, great to have you here and your expertise, I'm new too and already living it here.

Steel General
05-06-2011, 06:34 AM
Welcome Aboard!

05-06-2011, 09:00 PM
Welcome to the Guild . :)

05-07-2011, 02:30 PM
Greetings! best of luck making maps; there are multitudes of chances and ways to learn here.

05-10-2011, 11:30 AM
Welcome to the Guild!

Any questions on CC3 just ask, and put CC3 in the title so I see it better :D