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05-13-2011, 06:29 AM
Hi everybody ! ^o^
I'm a new one, so, I introduce myself.

First of all, I'm French, so excuse me for my English... If I make mistakes, don't hesitate to correct me. ^^'

I decided to join the Cartohrapher's Guild because I really like creating maps ! I downloaded the software Campaign Cartographer 3 a few days ago. It is really useful for me ! Why ? I'm writting a book and I need some map to illustrate the story. ^^

Otherwise, I am 17 and I live in France, near the Germany (it's about 2 minutes). I love RPG games, but I have no time to play. T_T At present, I am in a school of tourism. I love to travel ! And one day, I would like to go in England and USA. *-* (But before, I really have to improve my English... XD)

So, it's all about me. Thank you for reading. See you ! ^_^

05-13-2011, 07:07 AM
Welcome to the Guild!

Steel General
05-13-2011, 07:32 AM
Welcome Aboard!

05-15-2011, 10:34 AM
I love your nick, welcome to the guild and enjoy all the tutorials here! There are a few good ones for CC3.

05-15-2011, 03:57 PM
Welcome to the Guild . :)