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05-24-2011, 06:20 PM
I literally stumbled upon this site yesterday and looking it over a bit it seems well done and might prove useful for my future endeavors. I'm an artist and author with one book completed so far, in the genre of fantasy/science fiction/young adult, and like so many others I've dabbled in D&D. So I know a little about maps. I'm 46 now but when I was in my teens, when D&D was still fairly new, we played it with pen & paper & dice. Ah the dice rolls. Imagination was the name of the game then, even though there were drawings of monsters, maps, etc. much of what went on you had to picture in your head. Once home computers became the rage however I moved on to playing the games electronically and let the digital brain do all the work. In a way I regret it; there's nothing like playing a game of D&D with several of your buddies till past midnight. But it was also inevitable, as people grew up and moved away. So "getting my D&D fix" so-to-speak had to be done by computer. My favorite computer games are those where you play a character in a 3D virtual world and fight monsters for fame and wealth. (Everquest & WOW being the best 2 I've played. I hear Rift is good too, though I haven't tried it). Now though I don't have much time for the game playing as I'm working on writing and trying to promote my book(s). You can check out my blog at http://theshelnuttarium.blogspot.com/ There you can find links to my book for sale in both ebook and paperback formats. I made a video trailer in a sense for the book as well to try and promote it, and uploaded it to Youtube.com. In my first book, WYRMEWOOD and the Forsaken Orb, I did include a map of the Orb where most of the story takes place. It was drawn mostly by hand and then scanned into the computer and is in black&white. Here's an image of it:

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Great story! It sounds like you have lots of experience with playing RPGs. I really like your map of The Orb as well; it makes me wonder what the Great Central Pillar is used for.

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Very Cool. Welcome to the Guild. :)

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Welcome Aboard!

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welcome to the guild ... and don't let our youthfull appereances fool you.. lots of old timers in here - been playing pen & paper D&D for 31 years myself... and still enjoy a monthly playing to almost midnight game (yes, only close to midnight - an hours drive home and two small kids that want to wake up early on the days I'd like to sleep late) :)