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05-24-2011, 09:18 PM
I have a new map request for the Guild experts.

I need a map for a medium city called Rivers Bend. I need a map of the city proper with no need for the surrounding area.


This city is built on the edge of a lake that has three rivers flowing into it and one flowing out into a large marsh area. They are a city built upon river trade and I see it as a version of Venice Italy with lots of small islands connected by bridges. There is a large harbor for ships and larger boats and then lots of smaller boats dodging in and out of the canals to various warehouse. The only existing map that shows this city is one I had done a couple of months ago.


This new map of the city proper does not need to match exactly this map but should keep to the general guidelines. The new map does not need to follow this style but does need to be an overhead view map for a medieval style city.

Two features that do need to be taken into account are the bridge over the Beikal River that goes to the Nest and the wall that shuts off the city to the southwest. The city is so focused to water travel that the protective wall only has one small gateway for wagon caravans.

I will be using this map on my site similar to this page:

I will be using a higher res version broken down into sections in my VTT (Klooge) for the players to move about the city.

An example of how I use these on the site is here:

With the links in the first section of the page to the cut away sections.


This map is for my own private game and the artist keeps all rights except for me to use in a non-commercial way on my site and game.

I would like to have the final map ready to show my players on June 24th so about a month away.

This map will be used for several adventures so I have a budget of $50 US for the final maps (low res for web site, high res for cutting apart for VTT use)

I can be contacted by PM or IM or email for any additional questions about this commission.

Thank you for your interest.


06-03-2011, 08:43 AM
Can a Mod please mark this as taken.

vman3force is the artist and he will be posting his WIP thread.