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06-06-2011, 06:22 AM
This is for the second Convention Game for Kaidan, that Jonathan McAnulty (author and lead designer of Kaidan) is running at Origins 2011. I've already created the map for his other convention one-shot, 2 weeks ago.

This is Kinogasa village in Oteru province on the main island of Anshu, Empire of Kaidan. It is a small rice farming village only about 25 miles south of the capital. A famous Yokinto shrine (located on the top left corner of this map) sponsors an annual rice planting festival celebrated throughout the province, but based here in Kinogasa.

About 90 years ago, a rebellion against the empire and the state church of Zaoism was centered in Kinogasa by the head cleric of the shrine. Though the rebellion was quelled and its abbot executed, the festival was so important to the region, that the site was not destroyed. Rather a Zaoist priest was placed there by the empire to keep the rituals, but to ensure the loyalties of the local community. Apparently the ghostly spirit of the rebellious abbot dwells within a great bronze bell located in that shrine (the building to the east side of the shrine complex in the upper left corner).

Also a temple of Zao and a sohei monastery was established in Kinogasa to further ensure loyalties. It is located in the bottom right of the map.

Apparently invisible spirits are haunting the bell, thought to be the ghost therein (its not...), and cleansing the bell is the duty placed on the adventuring party.

This is supposed to be a low level adventure, I think 1st level.

So far, hand drawing of the village and environs at 18" x 24" scale. I've been scanning my bigger linework on my Kip 2053 large format digital copier, using the scanning unit to capture monochrome TIF files. I import this to Xara where I create the color pallates and the beveled shapes for the banks, hills and forests.

Still lots to do, though I will finish by noon tomorrow (I need to get this done). I will be coloring in the roads, created beveled shaped buildings, finishing up the shrine and temple areas, then labeling. This is a work in progress...



06-06-2011, 04:23 PM
Kinogasa village map... done! Now I'll post this in the Finished Maps Forum



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The Village of Kinogasa lies in the central part of the Onari Province, western Anshu, the Empire of Kaidan. This is a small farming village with a famous Yokinto Shrine (upper left corner) that an annual rice planting festival is based around. Ninety years ago, a cleric of this shrine began a rebellion against the empire and the state religion of Zaoism. Eventually put to a stop, the cleric was executed, but the Imperial Court established a Zao Temple and sohei monastery to better control the villagers and watch for possible treason.

This map will be used for a Convention Game one-shot being run by Jonathan McAnulty the author/lead designer of my 3 part introductory adventure arc for the Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting. The adventure is called "The Tolling of Tears".

The hand-drawn portion of the map was created using a pen onto 18" x 24" tracing paper, scanned at 200 ppi on my large format Kip 2053 scanner/printer, imported to Xara Xtreme Pro 4, then finished with colors, beveled shapes, drop shadows and labeling.




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Nice tidy looking village map Game-printer.


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Very Nice. :)

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Yay for more eastern themed maps. Love it!

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Eh, normally I don't want to mix a WIP thread with a Finished Map, so I wouldn't merge them myself, but since you did, then here's a cave map that corresponds with the village map. Note: the cave in the top center area.

This cave is where the locals toss bodies of dishonorable persons - criminals, etc. rather than giving proper burial - something that causes ghosts to appear, however.