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Neoseilthir World Map
For a while now, something like two and a half years, I've been working away at a D&D-style game. This would be the "base game" map for this game.

History of the World
Neoseilthir was originally two major landmasses with some smaller islands; the large L-shaped island and another large almost circular island containing a very large volcano (the home of a particularly large dragon). The very large volcano exploded sending large amounts of debris and incidentally killing the exceptionally large dragon. The dragon's own body has petrified and formed the Dragon's Back Mountains. A single large mass carved a furrow through the earth until it came to rest and is now known as Ipos' Marble (Ipos is a leader amongst Devils). Other debris also caused the ring of mountains around Janabah.
As an 'in-game' idea whis map was supposed to have been made as a partly decorative partly functional world map for a King. (It is also a handy hand-out or poster for players/GMs).

Technical Things
Well this map was a huge project, with all of the landforms (mountains, hills, towns, forests, etc) drawn in by hand. Can I recommend to anyone thinking of doing something like this in the future, they should get used to TreeThing instead of drawing in that many trees by hand. I personally learned a fair amount about masks, organising larger works, sorting things into useful layers and so on.

I also spent a lot of time with source images and basically tracing them so they visually fit. Thanks to Ramah for his City Icons, and I think it was also his mountain drawing guide.

The Map Itself
This one has been scaled down by 70% (because the site won't accept it in its 100% version due to size).

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