View Full Version : Jrgar Map of the Week #16 - Central Hobgoblin & Goblin Settlement

Mark Oliva
06-19-2011, 11:57 PM

The 16th Jrgar (TM) Map-of-the-Week release is the second of three lair maps in the post-devastation swamp and lake area of the fallen sir Empire that show settlements of moor hobgoblins and goblins.

You can get the full-sized version of this map in three versions:

1. As a JPG flat map, 1360 x 1020 pixels (1 MB) with location numbers, available from the Jrgar web site.

2. As a JPG flat map, 1360 x 1020 pixels (1 MB) without location numbers, available above.

3. The original FM8 map in FMP format, fully editable, from our Jrgar web page (18 MB). This version includes a PDF pamphlet that tells you how to use the layers that are built into the map.

All three versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jrgar web site.

The Jrgar web site:


Next Week: The northern hobgoblin and goblin settlement