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07-11-2011, 04:30 PM

I need advice about water and tree's if you would be so kind?
I used the photoshop town Tutorial by Ascension.
Here's also a close up of the village. (perhaps town if I figure out the population and its too big to be a village)
I love hedges :) I even added flowers.

07-11-2011, 04:37 PM
Criticizm is welcome :)

07-11-2011, 04:44 PM
What kind of water and tree help do you need? I think the water looks fine, shrug. Tress I never really mastered in this style yet so there's a lot of room for experimentation there. Your little gardens/hedges look great.

07-11-2011, 04:53 PM
I dunno.. I just see other maps made from this style and I see transparen't water with great waves and other things. I probably missed something on the Tut Btw thanks for the amazing Tutorial!

Master TMO
07-11-2011, 05:33 PM
It might just be me, but the wakes from the bridge pillars seem to run completely parallel to the pillars, even though the river itself bends right after. Shouldn't the wakes follow the path or get dissipated by the changing current? Another thing that is missing if it's appropriate is that water flows back together after going around an obstruction, creating eddies or whirls. While those might not be visible on this scale (especially if the current isn't running very fast), the wakes don't appear to make any move toward rejoining after the pillars.

But I'm definitely no water expert. This is merely stuff I've seen in a much smaller scale long ago.

07-11-2011, 05:37 PM
Yes the wakes should follow the river its just another fluke by yours truely.

07-11-2011, 06:34 PM
what do you guys think of the new texture so far? (hasn't gotten around to the wakes yet)

07-22-2011, 01:05 AM
A bunch of things since I last posted (I couldn't post because of style change)

Finished Dorun with a bunch of filters.


With paper backround.

Player Edition.

07-22-2011, 01:06 AM
Ps: These are actually much larger.. If you want them in higher quality just let me know.

07-22-2011, 03:13 AM
The version without filters looks much better, and I love the one with paper background. Though it does not look hand drawn at all (as you would suppose on paper) and is not as clear as the colored versions, atmosphere and colors are great!
The "Player Edition" is good, too - but maybe choose another script? There are some cool (and readable) ones at dafont.com ...
My suggestion for the trees would be to make those "bumps" bigger - roughly as big as the houses or so. When you look at a satellite picture in google maps you may notice that the shape of single trees in woods often shows quite clear at the scale of your maps.

07-22-2011, 05:05 AM
The reason I used such a fancy font is that the map is much bigger then this and a higher res.

07-22-2011, 05:11 AM
I saw that, there's nothing to say against a fancy font as it adds to the atmosphere of maps, but I myself always try to use fonts which are not windows standard/not so widely known. Well, just my opinion :)

07-22-2011, 05:24 AM
My personal suggestion is to fully embrace the cartoony(thats not a bad thing!) style of the village. Ie, the village elements look mostly hand drawn....

I would try to stay away from any filters that make it look computer generated as much as possible, especially the forests and the water(the fade where it meets the land) as well as the sharp hard bevel(or whatever) effect you have for the "cliffs" and the "grass". I would also suggest hand drawing even the field rows. You can get away with the same compass rose, but simpler would work also....

ORRRRR .... go the other way and get some high quality textures and redo the town bits(ie, some slate/straw/hay/brick textures for roofs).... I would suggest the former though and stick with the cartoony style....

BTW, that compass rose is just gorgeous.. did you make it or is it from somewhere else?

07-22-2011, 05:27 AM
Oh... and upload the higher res version... if you go with the cartoony style, you can pack more information into less space with a png.. if you go more with the high texture realistic look, you would want to save as jpg.... just use your existing tools to reduce the quality until it's small enough to upload as an attachment and link to the "really big" one if you want.

07-22-2011, 03:12 PM
he compass I got from RPG map maker and I attatched my own lines to it. As for the cartoony style that would be hard to do without a tablet. IF I get one ill take you up on it.

07-22-2011, 03:21 PM
he compass I got from RPG map maker and I attatched my own lines to it. As for the cartoony style that would be hard to do without a tablet. IF I get one ill take you up on it.

Well.. how did you do the existing buildings and stuff? I hear ya about using a mouse... Heck... I was using a TRACKBALL (thumb kind) for quite a long, long time before I got my tablet ... I can say the tablet is WELL worth it if you can scrap up the cash...

07-22-2011, 03:21 PM

07-22-2011, 03:22 PM
I used Ascension's tutorial for this. So, it was. Fill black > Noise 400% monorhromatic > Select > Motion blur on the opposite edge > Black stroke gradient overlay and color overlay.