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07-22-2011, 10:55 AM
Ok, sorry this isn't a map, but this is the only arty place I know...

A friend is trying to trace the title and artist of a picture, to make proper acknowledgement, gain permissions, etc. but without either of those bits of info it's a very difficult task.

The pic is of two female space-marine types on patrol in an urban rubble scene:


Does anyone recognise the picture?


Steel General
07-22-2011, 10:57 AM
Most likely that was done with Poser or DAZ Studio... you could try their submission forums.

07-22-2011, 05:45 PM
Tineye gives 0 matches. The information on the picture says it's not compyrighted, and the file name "1_20_07_11_8_31_28" comes up with nothing.

07-22-2011, 09:08 PM
If you look through the other images in his gallery (hit "previous image") they all look very Poser-ish. This particular image looks like a screen capture from an Unreal engine-type game with figures cropped in. You should be able to just make a post there and hope he answers.

07-23-2011, 02:42 AM
you can also try tineye.com and checking out DeviantArt.com :)

07-24-2011, 02:21 AM
Great stuff guys, your responses have helped me to point him in some useful directions. I hope he finds what he's looking for. I'll de-lurk again now.
Thanks. :)