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08-14-2011, 11:19 PM
Trying to get a layout of the mountainous ranges, steep hills, karst rock pinnacles, and fields of Southern China. I'm trying to find sources for how to map it, and what I've found so far is somewhat cryptic. I know China and its provinces are really large, but I'm only looking to get the basic layouts of each province mapped in a sort of "North West is mountains, South West is steep hills" description.

I have a map I made with boundaries of provinces, and could use the aid of someone who understands topography/geography. Adding simple color or pattern based shapes to the map indicating the geography would be very helpful. What I've gathered from Wikipedia on the provincial geography is difficult for me to visualize and map. I don't need extreme details, even just text stating "Caves here" or "Karst field" would be greatly appreciated. Much of Southern China is mountainous, so describing the type of rock formation is important, like if it's steep crevices with high rock walls or open mounds of rock with a river running on the valley floor.


I could really use some help on minimizing the provinces to some basic features, and can send a larger map if that's necessary.

08-15-2011, 03:59 AM
I would recommend the work of Erwin Raisz. He did a number of atlases and other works way back when and his style shows the landforms very well.. I've attached a photo of part of one of the China pages from his 1944 "Atlas of Global Geography" (used without permission, poor quality photo, etc...) I managed to turn up one on eBay a while back and it's an interesting read. A lot has changed in the last 67 years, that's for sure (note that Nanking is shown as "capital of occupied China" on this map section).


I'll attach a bonus figure from the same book for our general audience here at the guild:

08-16-2011, 04:58 AM
Absolutely amazing artwork he has done! Wish there were an updated version..but the style for the terrain is amazing and just what I'm looking for! Thanks a lot for the find.

08-20-2011, 04:46 AM
So I opted to not attempt to recreate the geometry of Southern China, and instead designed my own with key terrain types gradually descending from top middle.

Doing this solely with Campaign Cartographer 3, and am trying out this layering look for contour.

Could use some help with suggestions on the geography of the green area (third tier from top), which is hilly forests. As you can see, the lowest point is near the rivers, gradually rising.

I kept the border of this tier as a darker green, indicating there is a sort of "wall" to the next level, but it's put me in a dilemma with these large very dark green blotches as sort of "dead space" in the map.

I was considering putting another layering effect within these large dark green portions, but am worried it will ruin the fact it is supposed to have very large hills. My concern is it would make it look like a land of valleys.