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Alorin Dawn
09-11-2011, 12:46 AM
Hello again,

Just keeping my fledgling skills in use. I ran across an article on FoxNews.com HERE (http://www.foxnews.com/slideshow/scitech/2011/09/06/austrias-underground-ancient-roman-gladiator-school/#slide=6) and decided I'd give it a go as a CC3 map. While I'm somewhat happy with the way it turned out, there are a few things I hope some more experienced CC3 users might be able to help me improve.

* How do you set the global sun direction?
* Is there a way to get something other than a single green color for the grassy areas? They look too uniform.

I know this isn't near as interesting as most of the maps I see on here, but please do provide feedback if you have any, good or bad.


09-11-2011, 04:48 AM
Hi Alorin!
I think this one should go to Building/Structure Mapping... but in case, a moderator will take care of this. Anyway, I love ancient Rome and I like your map here!

* You can type suninfo and hit enter. A dialog will pop up with all you need to change the global sun
* Open the Sheets and effects dialog (38471), select from the list the right sheet (background?), tick on activate sheets effects if it isn't already, click Add... and then Texturize, choose a texture you like (you can find a lot of them here or on-line), experiment.

I'm no expert though, so maybe others can give you more hints. I've bought the whole suite, but I decided to go back to PS for now :P

Anyway, although I like your map here, there are two somawhat related things that I don't like:

- all the shadows are the same. This means that all the buildings and fences etc have the same height. In a map so small this is something that I notice. Fiddling with shadows means you have to have at least three different sheets (fences, small buildings, tall buildings) this way you can assign different length to shadows and maybe have the right dropped shadow on the roofs. I don't know if this last thing is possible with CD3, though.
- Another related thing is the arena. The shadows there seems wrong to me, suggesting two domes one on top of another instead of an arena, but maybe it's just me.

Keep the good work!

Alorin Dawn
09-11-2011, 02:44 PM
Okay, did alittle work on separating the sheets for taller buildings and figured out how to change the global sun direction.

The arena is actually a keep image and I thought it worked well for the look of an arena :). I did alter the sheet it was on to give it a 20' shadow.

Thank you for the feedback!


09-11-2011, 06:39 PM
To me, too, the arena looks like it is a sort of dome, even in the revised version. The problem is not with the exteranal shadow, but with the apparent embossing of the inner circle, which should be sand on the ground but looks like a domed roof.