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Goblyns Hoard
09-17-2011, 06:18 PM
My first map posting here so apologies for any teething troubles with attaching files and getting images to display properly.

This is my 2nd map of Kaladon, a world I've created becasue, well because I enjoy creating worlds. I like to think that some games might get run in it, or some stories written for it... but most likely it will just end up being something that I play with for a while until I get an idea for a new world to start playing around with.

What we have here is a single, first continent - Kaladon. Other continents for this same world may follow, who knows. I would like to give some thanks to inspiration I've had on these forums - particularly Ascension's Atlas style, Tear's map of Westeros and Pasis' mountain tutorial. I don't have names for all of the countries displayed, even where I have settlements, and I'm still working on the feel of some of the locations which may inspire map changes. But in the meantime I would value any thoughts you have on the map so far.


09-18-2011, 05:34 AM
Insanely nice!
How did you do the forest, I am trying to get a similar result since forever (yes, I looked at pasis' tutorial, but perhaps I could not find the right texture, or something else).

09-18-2011, 07:10 AM
Very pretty, I like this.

Steel General
09-18-2011, 07:57 AM
The text is a bit small (for my old eyes :D), but other than that it turned out quite nicely.

Goblyns Hoard
09-18-2011, 04:21 PM
Thanks for the comments guys - any criticisms on any parts of it still very welcome... always looking to find what doesn't make sense, or what looks out of place.

Regarding the font size - this version is a fraction of the full size version I have, which makes the fonts significantly larger - I couldn't find (make that didn't look particularly hard for) any image size limitations for posting here, so went for a size I thought was safe enough to not cause any issues. Here's a 100% crop of one area for comparison...


Feanaaro - Regarding the forests I have a layer with the following styles...




With the pattern overlay using this texture

At least I think that's the file I used to create the pattern... it's in my pattern library now and I haven't figured out how to open a pattern as a file in order to then check or modify it (anyone know how to do that I would appreciate the input).

And of course the fill on the layer is 0... after that you just paint with any colour

However a couple of things on layer styles:
1) you will need to tweak the settings to match the size of your image to make it work. These settings work for this image - but its 8225 by 5100 (290 by 180 cm), so you may find that the settings don't work for another image. Try playing around with particularly the bevel and drop shadow sizes and the pattern overlay scale if you find it's not working for you
2) in order to get a good effect that doesn't look lie a circular brush you need to play around with the brush itself - to get something that operates somewht randomly and means that you've not got obvious lines. I use a spatter style brush 38610, and then modify both the shape dynamics and the scattering of the brush (in the Brush window - F5) so that I never get any straight lines while I'm using them. I've used that to then put a stroke on the overall map outline and on the continental shelf outline to create some more randomisation.