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09-28-2011, 03:21 AM
Time Constraints
• I was going to start my campaign in 1-2 months, so if it’s preferable to be done before this. But I can wait some time for a good map.
I've found some maps on forum that I liked very much. If some one will do it in approximately same style and may be quality as in this [link] (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?14739-Mydresia&highlight=Mydresia) thread it would be awesome.

My idea is partially based on Might&Magic concept – long time ago there was a seedship of unknown powerful race. It supposed to travel for colossal distances in search for a good place for a new planet. After such place is found systems of control unleashes bounded elementals to create and form a new land for living. In this process seedshep is disassembled and materials are used to create a gateway to the Web of the Worlds.
The difference of my world is that during the planet creation process something happened and ship was torn into pieces forming some kind of asteroid field around the star. Still, elemental powers were unleashed and lots of “asteroids” started to accrete with landmass and water. On some of them an atmosphere is held with still working systems. Seeds of various life forms were thrown into the space and some of them found their place on newly created micro planets giving life to my story.

I’m interested in only one “asteroid” now.
The story for players will be approximately like this:
Once, the most powerful king of all time, Chronos, who ruled almost the whole world(still just one asteroid, but people do not know it), and only gods(some primal elementals) was equal in strength to his armies, ordered to build a huge battle ship for battle with the god of the sea. 7 years of subdued spirits of forests grew best wood for the ship, then 7 years old spirits of fire smelted metal for nails, connecting board, and cannons, which will kill the god. It is said that Chronos gave his daughter in as a maid to the god of winds, so that only the best winds will fill the sails of the ship. Thus, after 15 years from the decree of the king, Horougrim - Conqueror of the Worlds was ready for battle.
Many stories tell about the battle between Horougrim and the God of the Sea, all in different ways, but almost certainly known that when Chronos beheaded wet god - the water that served as god’s blood flooded all land. When Chronos traveled back he found his kingdom sunk under the water, but enormous size of Horougrim became his curse: he aground on the place that before was one of the highest mountains and for many years crew of the ship had to live on it. Since then, water level lowered and new islands raised, some people from Horougrim moved to the land, but colossal ship is still serves as home for thousands of man, seekers of non-existent borders.
So my main concern is the map of so called “Free sea”. For some reason I could not upload sketch of landmass into post. On words it is a few clusters of small and medium islands surrounded by endless sea and lonely City-Ship Horougrim. I'll need details, such as rivers and medium and large cities. If need more information contact me by e-mail trylis1991(at)gmail(dot)com

Just in fantastic case if some-one will like my idea and will have time and desire, I also want other maps (cities, overall look on asteroid field around star) and any illustrations some-one will wish to do. In such case I would do my best to find at least some payment but can promise nothing.
• The scale of the map will be approximately 100 miles per inch.
Quality & Size
• Quality will depend on offers. Of course I would like professional, but I’ll take any non-bad map.
• Required for print as handout for players and if it will be cool map - for printing in large size to place on the wall.
• Dimensions of map: I would like around 4k x 4k pixels or original vector file
• [Raster / Vector] any way it’s handful to artist
• The artist will retain copyright of the map