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10-01-2011, 02:28 AM
Let's see, I'm not to good at these things, but i shall try. Basically I am trying to organize a few projects and get it all digital. Including a few fantasy maps. Okay, that's an understatement, lol. I have decided to overhaul my life and get back to what I love most, story telling. I am both a storyteller and artist at heart. I started drawing to bring my stories to life. Being a bit detail oriented, and fascinated with the background aspects of my stories, I have been compelled to make many maps. Those however, have all been watercolor or marker, detailed with pen and ink, a few times even with a quill pen.

In the last couple of years I have moved from the traditional art to that of the digital art world. So, I am not a newcomer to Photoshop, but I wouldn't say I know it all...is that even possible... I have been working on putting my biggest story together, but the way I work, i need the maps. I have it all here in my head, but I am very visual. Also, I will need it for the wiki (that's how i am compiling all the info and background stories).

I tried the easy route and goggled map making brushes. After a short flip through some pages I found this site. I had to register to see the brushes, but thought, nah, I will look around. But the site kept popping up in my mind. I found some brushes I liked, but the artist in me kept poking me and saying "DIY", make it your own. So, back I came and decided what better way to make my own then to do it with the help of other like-minded people. From what i have seen so far it sounds like I have a lot in common with others here. And your community seemed friendly.

So, here I am! ^_^

10-01-2011, 12:29 PM
Welcome! Oh, yeah, you have a lot in common! Quite a lot of us are storytellers, either first with words, wanting graphical settings, or primarily with graphics, then putting words down to explain the world. Even if you want to do your own brushes it wouldn't hurt to play around with premade ones, to get a feel for how you're likely to use yours.

And we'd love to take a look at your prior work. Don't even have to scan stuff in "properly" - photos will work if you can't scan. Y'see, while the site is digital, not all of US are digital artists.

10-01-2011, 12:35 PM
Welcome! I think you'll find that this is, indeed, one of the friendliest places on the web. So start up a Work In Progress (WIP) thread, and we'll help you get your feet under you!

10-02-2011, 01:53 AM
Thanks for the welcome. ^_^

I definitely will start a WIP. I am doing a tutorial first, to get a feel for some of the techniques used, whould i bother with a WIP for that. I plan on putting actual effort into it and can always use C&C. As for some of my posting my previous work, that could be an adventure unto itself, lol. They are in many different places, but I will see what I can do.

10-02-2011, 02:39 AM
welcome to the guild - looking forward to seing what you do :)

10-02-2011, 10:22 AM
Welcome to the guild!

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10-04-2011, 10:27 AM
Welcome Aboard!