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10-07-2011, 05:32 AM
Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a couple days and I'm very impressed with all of the information and talent around here. After quite a bit of reading I decided to apply what I learned and take a shot at making a map. This is my version of a map that a friend made for his campaign. Done in Photoshop with a few brush packs from here and there. I'd like to add some effects to make it look like worn paper and maybe a border. Critique would be great but go easy on me, I'm new at this.

10-07-2011, 05:54 AM
Welcome on Board. Try looking for the Seabordertutorial it have some ncie effects. And try some textures of http://zentextures.com/ thats my fav source. For the Borders try to google some maps of Joan Blaeu, hi did some quiet impressive stuff back there in the '60. Well 1665, those times ;)

10-07-2011, 01:36 PM
Excellent, thanks!

10-08-2011, 03:13 AM
I love the little clouds drifting in between the mountains - that looks cool. One thing I'd do is lighten up the color on the mountains a bit so the details show through more. Right now they look kinda dark and clumpy.

Welcome to the Guild!

10-08-2011, 05:46 AM
Hey, DLC. For a first map I think it's pretty cool. The only thing that strikes me as looking off is the sea. Those lines in it look pixellated and pretty rough, like they were hastily drawn.

I would recommend downloading Coyotemax's paper textures - you can find them in the resource forum. Try overlaying one of those textures and messing with the blend modes and opacity. For a border you could just stroke the outside edge of the image with a dark line and then simply enlarge the canvas to make a margin. Place a paper texture underneath your map so that it shows at the edges et voila!

10-09-2011, 06:42 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. Here's where they got me:

10-10-2011, 09:28 AM
It's looking good, but the top level texture is a bit too strong for my taste. It's taking attention away from the map itself.

I'd recommend either fading it a bit in the middle or using something else that doesn't lighten up the middle woods quite so much.

10-10-2011, 09:52 AM
Welcome to the guild! And, I think this looks rather cool actually.. The only thing that bothers me that if you look close enough the mountains repeat themselves, maybe add a few there or here and mess with the lightness on clumps or something?

10-10-2011, 10:36 AM
As Lukc said: try to tone the paper overlay down a little: the bright central part detracts from the map.

At first I thought that the layout of the map is a little too... angular, but now I think it adds a little "primitive" touch to the whole map.

Everything else: well done!

10-10-2011, 04:49 PM
Thanks guys. This has pretty much been my first foray into using any textures or transparency layers in PS...It's been a fun learning experience.

I feel the same way about the mountains being too repetitive but I don't have a tablet or a scanner right now and that was the best I could do with the brushes.

As for the angular "primitive" feel of the map, I know what you mean...I actually made the coastline, mountain range, and forest much more natural looking than my friend drew it but I could change the actual layout without messing with his intentions. This aspect of gaming isn't his strength so we end up with a rather geometric map.

I may tweak this a bit more but I've already gotten started on a large hand-drawn world map for campaign. So thanks for the help improving this project, it's way better than I would have made it on my own but I'm being drawn to a different style than I used here.