View Full Version : September/October Lite Challenge: Deep Purple Dungeon

10-15-2011, 11:42 AM
Phew! 20 minutes to spare! :D I was sure it was till the 30th of October ...

### Latest WIP ###


Anyway, here it is. My Deep Purple dungeon :) No WIP or nothing, just the finished thing, since I'm out of time anyway. :?

10-15-2011, 01:35 PM
Dear God, this is absolutely gorgeous!
Congrats for you late entry, you've proven a heck of a lot of reactivity and fastness ... spoken of which, thanks for the secret way to enhance fastness. Deep purple will definitely be playing on my stereo next time :P

This is gonna be really interesting now, can't wait to see the outcome of all of this ;)

10-15-2011, 04:06 PM
Lukc, that's pretty brilliant, man. Good luck in the challenge. :)

10-15-2011, 05:23 PM
Thanks guys :). Yeah, I had the idea in the works for a while ... and then today everything turned out just right, restarted the whole thing and managed to actually finish it off. (puffs self up with pride at actually finishing before the deadline)