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10-21-2011, 07:41 AM
Hi. I'm Jon.
The map I'm presenting today is a pixel art map made in GIMP. It is the Evera region, in development (on hiatus) for a fan-made pokémon game (Pokémon Blood and Fire).

The Myth
At the centre of the region is the mostly dormant volcano, Mount Evera. For as long as can be expected, the God pokémon of Salvation, Skilbehou, in the form of a giant tortoise or, circumstantially, a giant turtle, rested in the very base of this volcano in the caves known as Skilbehou's womb. About two hundred years ago, an arrogant sea captain was humbled by the ocean's rage, and in his fervour and fever, he prayed to whatever Gods there were that they forgive him for his transgressions.
Skilbehou alighted onto the top of a wave and forgave the captain, and the ship's crew climbed onto his back. Skilbehou flew back to Mount Evera and slept in the base of the caves. The men and women of the ship fed on Skilbehou's blood and made cities in the walls of the volcano. Eventually, their greed for the blood turned to addiction and Skilbehou cast the worst of them out. They became the Natives. Those who remained began to grow fat, and it was too late. Skilbehou cast these too out and they built great cities to rival the one in the volcano.
Skilbehou, utterly corrupted, split into two and died. His aspect of Cleansing by Fire was Chelburn, who guards Skilbehou's dormant body in the sealed volcano. His aspect of Corruption of Blood was Chelrupt, whose body is hidden.

The Map
At the moment, it's relatively complete. I know the names of all the locations. I've been considering redoing it in a better sort of atlas style for a game manual of sorts. However, this is likely to be the in-game map. The double thickness routes are highways, to be used only by vehicles. Without further ado, the map:


10-21-2011, 08:14 PM
i like it. brings back memories of mario bothers.