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10-23-2011, 12:57 PM
Here's the whole world.

There's nothing to judge about mapping, I just wanted to share it.

As you can see, there are three named continents; the other ones are inhabited only by savage and dark people. Better don't go there, lol.

I'm going to make the big island on north-west of Santhia, called Helgestadt (basically it's something like Norway, Greenland and Nord lands). I will probably upload some falvour and all, and I will probably open a WiP thread.

Goodbye, powerful cartographers >:)


10-23-2011, 01:28 PM
So ... you want some comments or not? :) I like the heart-shaped sunken continent in the far south-east. One thing I would warn you about is that the format of the map suggests to me that there is a large chunk of "sea" missing to the East and West.

Another thought - the distribution of continents is very Earthy, isn't it? This often happens to me, designing land areas that look like something in the real world.

10-23-2011, 01:57 PM
At the start I was trying to make something un-earthy. But any sketch I made, it ended to be something like the Earth. So I just made an Earth-based planet (hey, also Forgotten Realms and Warhammer's world are based on the Earth ;)

I tried to make the map as plain as possible, and I also tried to make something circular, but since I'm not good at these things, I simply decided to leave the things as they were. I think I came up with something good. By making a reference to Earth: Santhia is Europe, Goria is Asia, Al Mahr's Lands are Arabia, Egypt and similar countries.

Yes, there are three big oceans (what a coincidence, like the Earth! lol): the Eastern Ocean (south of Goria); Unnamed Ocean (between the big heart and the two continents Tanzeh and Makurja, actually Nord and South America); the Sea of the Worlds (south of Santhia and between "that's look like Africa" and the two continents).

Thanks for commenting :)

PS: I love the heart "hey that's resemble Australia" continent too :)

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot a question. You see the big lake in the middle of Goria, right? Well, I don't know much about geography, but I know a river, in 95% of cases, ends in the sea. So, there are no way to make the rivers end in the small sea...?