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11-21-2011, 12:25 PM
Assassin's Amulet


by Michael K. Tumey, Mike Bourke and Johnn Four

The deadliest villains you've ever GM'd!

Mention the word assassin and your players' hearts should skip a beat. And then your group should lean forward, all eyes on you, hanging on your every word because your game just got serious.

That's the effect you want every single time.

And Assassin's Amulet shows you exactly how.

Follow our advice, build assassins our way, run encounters like we teach you, and you will earn the intensity you deserve when game mastering these villains.

Here's What You Get In Assassin's Amulet:
•Chapter 1: Maps, Floorplans, Props, & Accessories
•Chapter 2: Locations
•Chapter 3: GM Advice
•Chapter 4: NPCs
•Chapter 5: New Items
•Chapter 6: Integrating the Content
•Appendix: High-Resolution Maps & Props

300 pages! Unannounced bonuses.

Life is a dangerous business.

Check out the product page at this link (http://legaciescampaignsetting.com/)...

This product was inspired by my June 2009 Challenge Map Entry - Assassin's Amulet. I wrote some articles, created hand-outs, additional maps for this project about a year and a half ago - glad to see it finally released!

Michael "GP" Tumey

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Congratz again GP!

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Yuppers... :D

gotta get THIS!!!!!

got a situation brewing where it could come in REAAAL handy ;)

Thanks GP