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11-22-2011, 02:05 PM
I need a map for one of my RPGs... I've already made the basics of it, but I'm horrible at drawing, so it's just a map made in paint... :?

Well, it is all retangular right now, but that's because I have no skills at paint either.

This is the paint-made map: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-66xHSQrBvgE/TsvxC4jzGsI/AAAAAAAAABs/izqjtpyJaxE/s512/English%252520Map.png

I need a better map. Feel free about how to make the coast and outlines, I really don't want a retangular island as this... =D

Don't mind about the distances either. They may be at this proportions (the distance between Treefor and Barreira being 1,5x the distance between Mor and Treefor, for example), but not exactly this distances... in fact, a bigger distance could do well, as 300 or even 500km between Treefor and Barreira...
They don't need to be in this exact proportion, when I ask for proportions... well, is just that Mor may be in a smaller distance from Treefor than Barreira, or that it shall not be 1/3 of the distance Barreira-Treefor... but of course the distance can be REALLY different, and the proportions could be changed too.

I've seen some other works and maps from here, and that's why I'm asking for a map here... Thanks guys!

11-22-2011, 03:04 PM
As it happens, I've been looking for an unpaid map request to test out a new style I would like to do....so I'll pick this up for you, Zonatos! Part of the style will involve a lot more place names than you currently have, are you OK with me just making these up or would you like to make some up yourself?

11-22-2011, 03:28 PM
Well, in fact, I have nothing against it... That would even make the map better! =D

Thanks ravells!

In fact, I've used it for a RPG for something like 3 years... An RPG by Forum, but gave up of the RPG in the beginning of this year. If you could, I have the name of the Desert, south sea and north sea somewhere here... So I will look for it and post as fast as possible.

Besides that, there is another continente in the north, if you could draw the coast of it it would be really good too... I don't have any ideia of the outlines of it too, as my 'world map' was retangular too... e.e

Anyway, this continent I've posted the map is named Zoh, and the North continente is named Tanatos. If you could name things with greek or nordic names it would be nice... not EXACTLY greek or nordic, but try to use something that appears as greek or nordic. Greek for the north area of the continente, norse for the south and west. If you do anything at the desert, try to use something more... I don't know, egyptian, african?..

In fact, the world was colonised by greeks and norse, and the desert by egyptian, but the three cultures are now extinct, as well their religions, and now the catholicism rules the world... It's a fantastic medieval map, so there is other races than only humans. Most of the continent is catolic, but there are some other religions too - the Church persecuting them...

So, you can use some english or mediterran names too (i'm brazilian, so 'Barreira' means 'barrier', in portuguese, for example), because the Church now name things with this languages...

Anyway, the most north-west, the more greek and norse influence, ok?


11-22-2011, 03:55 PM
Well, i got the names... In fact, I realised now that they do not fit very well with the other names, so i'm giving you some possible names that you could use... =P

The west desert: Deserto de Fogo (portuguese); The Burning Desert; Érimos Fotiá/Káfsi Érimos (greek); Verbrennung Wuste/Tanden Ohrken/Horiacuch/Poltavau'ma/Brenenhornk'en (norse); Uérhalok Sárliã (egypt)
North Sea: Sôrhavet/Serhavet/Botjô (norse); Voreiasalasa/Varkansalasa (greek); Mares Barcados (portuguese)
Mountains in the South: Klopoch Himmer/Naarm Taivais/Eläman Kulu'taia (norse); Tsoungranists Ouranoís (greek)
East from the wall: Reino Amaldiçoado (portuguese); Kirot (norse); Kataramenos (greek)

Of course you can make new names, but that's what I was thinking about... I've never been really good at naming... xD

11-22-2011, 04:32 PM
lol, thanks that should do. There are gong to be a *lot* of names in this map.

11-22-2011, 04:59 PM
Just letting you know... people usually dies when they go to the desert, so I think that it shouldn't be much detailed - as no one entered it and went out to say what exists there... Same thing about the north-west mountains (when they reach the desert, they start getting more dangerous). No one ever crossed the desert (or at least didn't return) or passed to the west side of the desert by the mountains or sea, so you don't need to make anything in the far west...

If you want to do it, contact me by e-mail and I can send you more information about the lands 'after the desert' (but I think I won't need them for a long time, as only REALLY experient players would reach the west side).

louco (dot) rpgquest (at) hotmail (dot) com

11-22-2011, 07:06 PM
Ha ha!

I've already started.....you can follow the map in progress here. (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?16585-WIP-Zoh&p=170332#post170332)

Don't worry about emails just take a look at the map and put your suggestions in the thread, (but bear in mind I'm doing this for free and really just trying to get to grips with a style) and it may not turn out to be everything that you wanted :)

11-22-2011, 07:44 PM
I'm quite liking it...

I don't know exactly how difficult it is to draw a map for you guys, so if I'm asking too much, or if you don't wanna change it because you think it's nice this way... well, I don't mind. As you said, I'm not paying, you're doing it for free, so you have no obligations here. ^^

But... anyway, if you don't mind, I'll just ask to you to make the west a little bit misterious... If you could simply leave that part in blank, as if it wasn't drawn yet... Because no cartographer in Zoh ever reached the other side of the desert, so they can't know for sure the coastline there... I simply don't want the players to know anything about that side. In the other hand, I could simply cut the map when I present it to the players, so I wouldn't have problems here, then, it's up to you taking that part off or not.
The moutains could be a little bigger too, they appear to be a little small in that map... I was thinking about really high mountains, and extensive too, something as the Andes down here in South America... ^^

You can make a little town at the east too, after the Walls... it's a necromancer tower, in fact, far from the walls, in the east. That's why humans constructed the Walls and the city of Barreira (a militar city)...

I don't know if the story of the world would help you drawing, or not. So, if it helps explaining what each city is (militar, economic, etc.) and how they were made, I can explain... if it doesn't, I'll swear I stop bothering you with scenary stories (as the necromancer and the fact that Barreira is a militar city).