View Full Version : The Mavolisian Landmass: First sketch (very crude)

11-29-2011, 12:04 PM
So hi, y'all!

I recently agreed to DM for a D&D-group where I live, and so I decided I'd map out the world we'd use - a "home-made" one, as I'm a sucker for originality. Truth to be told, the "level of seriousness" in my gaming group isn't ridiculously high, so I could probably get away with something really half-arsed, but the problem is that I'm somewhat of a perfectionist myself (although I don't necessarily have the skills to back my perfectionism up :P ). Also, ever since I was a wee lad, I've liked the idea of drawing a world map and populating it, so this is really more of an excuse for myself to indulge in some world-making.

I present to you my first, hand-drawn sketch below (as I apparently scanned it to a too big file-size, I had to link to it via Dropbox rather than doing it directly). As the title states, it's very crude, and has an extremely low level of "artistic value" - but having a concept sketch can't be such a bad thing. In particular, the scanner I used wasn't too great, and the text sharpening kinda iffy, so some names aren't really readable (ask if you for some reason should have questions), but oh well.


I've done some work on a sketch in AutoRealm too, and I'm thinking that I'll use Viewingdale to make the world map so "scalable" that the perfectionist in me is satisfied. As for the mountains and other terrain, I'm unsure - I hear good things about this Wilbur-thing (though the link to it seems to be temporarily dead), although there also seemed to be some terrain generator on the Viewingdale site (but no download links...). As for cities, I'm still looking for a good (and cheap) way of making them, although I might end up with the Gimp.

The Mavolisian Landmass is supposed to be just slightly smaller than Europe in total area, so this is a pretty crude map, with lots of detail- and size-issues, but as I said it's only a sketch, and I've mainly focused on putting down places I've invented some story for. Of course, that doesn't exempt it from criticism - indeed, any type of criticism, no matter what, would be greatly appreciated!

Yours truly,