View Full Version : Tavnar and Surroundings - Handdrawn Map

12-04-2011, 07:23 AM
This is a small regional map I did last week with this months Lite Challenge in mind - at that time Djekspek was in lead in the votes for the November regular challenge.

It features the small port city of Tavnar and the close by towns of Tirum and Rigal - actually the names have been chosen just because they are relatively short.
The map was done with a black standard ballpoint pen on one of my notebooks, the original size is A6. Coloring was done with color pencils.

As this map is now not going to be in the challenge I fiddled a little with the colors (as I did it on the whole image it might have been within the scope challenge rules but stretching them far), one base layer, one layer on multiply, one layer on color dodge.

Then I did a slight gaussian blur and resized the image to 75% (the first of these would break the challenge rules)

Enough written...


This is the map, as it came out of the camera (just resized):