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12-06-2011, 07:21 AM

A place for posting cartographic holiday greetings :). But I don't know how to re-post an image without re-uploading it! :O

(Yes, this is the same map as my colouring test in the Lite challenge)

12-06-2011, 08:02 AM
Did you do somehow something wrong with the attachment?

at least it is not displayed as thumbnail...

12-06-2011, 08:41 AM
No, I uploaded it as part of a different post and am trying to link to it here. Odd.

12-06-2011, 10:59 AM
I think I'll be staying at the inn in vodka village all season. What are the prices there like? =P

12-06-2011, 08:18 PM
You're a cat? :) Thanks for the seasons greetings and happy holidays to you!

12-08-2011, 02:24 AM
I want to live in Vodka Village, who am I kidding, I DO live in Vodka Village :)

This is a particularly charming map.

12-08-2011, 02:36 AM
Of course I'm a cat! Didn't you know, I do most of my work pretending the pencils are mice and pushing them around on the paper? :P

12-13-2011, 12:50 AM
It's a little known fact that many famous map makers have been of the feline kind. Indeed, only a 14th Century spelling error changed the history of the word or this would be known today as the Catographers' Guild

12-14-2011, 08:01 AM
Not forgetting that famous cartographer, Mercator.