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12-07-2011, 09:00 AM
I have a fantasy game that i run which has part of the world mapped - its a sort of hybrid of Hyboria (from the Conan novels) and Europe & North Africa.

The thing is that I know where certain mountain ranges have to be (due to "terraforming" by a race of powerful mages in the past), and the layouts of about half the "European" land mass. However, I don't really care about how the rest of the world looks.

I have the following programs available to me CC2 & 3.42, Fractal Terrains Pro 3 , Fractal mapper 8.10 and Adobe Photoshop 7.

The map covers an area of approx 7500 miles from edge to edge.

Here's the base map

40446 This is the really badly coloured map version

and this is the version with the sea terrain turned black


I have .psd versions of the files as well with greater size.

So basically what I need is some way of importing either the B&W map into one of my mapping progs and being able to select areas to be mountains ( I've tried this in FT pro and the selection tool just doesn't seem to want to work - always placing the terrain off to one side). Or of converting the partial colour image into some sort of height/depth data and then importing it into a made up world from FT or Fractal mapper.

Any ideas would be more than gratefully accepted.

(I also have the D20 Conan RPG so I have avail a good quality colour map of Hyboria to scan).

Thanks in advance