View Full Version : Obsidian Jungle Cliffs -- WIP

12-13-2011, 07:08 PM
Ok I have dabbled long enough with out sharing anything of my own creations. Compared to you fellow Master Cartographers out there this is a very good example of where I am starting from :)

I am building a game world that will be played on iTabletop.com (http://www.itabletop.com),
basically the game starts a month out to sea on a massive chartered ship and due to circumstances out of the players control they find themselves on little up crops of islands looking at a massive cliff (that goes above the line of sight due to a near permanent storm cloud ceiling at about 1250 feet and encircles the entire Island) that a sea level has various depth shorelines with jungles topping out about 500 feet in height. The adventures will be able to "barely" make out on various parts of the cliffs what "could be" ledges with forests and civilization.

well here is my first map for the world. I am using Gimp 2 and have just started figuring out how to use the different features of the program. (hard to believe I used to use Photoshop 15 yrs ago to do this type of stuff and forgot it all...)