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12-17-2011, 11:39 PM
:) Time to begin the CanOfWorms post about what lies behind a map? But the world? check the history link on my byline/site. I've begun the first few lines that will define the world itself. I like to think I've read enough Fantasy books to know but, isn't this the crux of what making a map is for, pointers anyone or interest in helping? I'll gladly take the plunge into NWN2 building if some other noob wants to fry with me but NWN1 is too old for them. I've done some decent NWN2 areas.

:) Everything else believe it or not is just technique or researching instructions to me, the why or what lies behind (the creativity i guess) has always been the most difficult in NWN or NWN2, I can usually doggedly figure out a script or style, procedure, etc. but the muse just looks at me and goes phhfft!

So, looking for another NWN2 aficionado on the site or even someone to say "hey! good but shouldn't they,,,,,"

This part of the process will be the most difficult for me no matter what you think of my maps so far.